5th years

*a dramione fanfic*

Its there 5th year. harry and ginny are happily dating and Ron and hermione, well, its complicated. they are on and off, but when hermione catches sight of a slytherin, not to mention the fact he's a pureblood, things get even more complicated. what happens when their secret relationship is discovered?


12. Breaking it off


    For the rest of the week I didn't do anything. I didn't talk to anyone except to answer the teachers questions. I didn't tell anyone about the mysterious letter or the threats though. People came in to see me, the hugged me, the whispered soothing words but I couldn't get that message out of my mind. "Did you think I was lying?" It burned against my eyes every time I dared to close them so naturally I didn't get much sleep. Draco was unable to visit me due to the fact I was in the girls dormitory and he was a boy. But then on the 8th day of doing nothing but sitting huddled on my bed I stood up.

         I got dressed and brushed my hair, my hands moved of their own accord as I became presentable. I washed my face and left the dormitory. It was the middle of a sunny Sunday so most people were outside. The few people who were in the common room stared at me in disbelief and whispered to the others. I ignored them as I stepped out of the room and into the hall. Overcome with a new sense of purposes marched to the dungeons and knocked on the common room door. A slytherin 4th year answered. "Your the granger girl army yo-" I cut him off and marched into the room and saw Draco on the couch. "I'm breaking up with you" I said indifferently before leaving the common room, Draco still frozen in shock. 

        I finally found myself in the kitchen and I told the house elves everything. I knew I could trust them and they were very good listeners, besides I needed to tell someone. When I finished my story dobby came up to me and patted me on the knee. "It's ok mistress Hermione we will give you tea and food and do anything we can to help," he smiled. "Thank you dobby" I said as I sipped the scalding tea another elf had given me. Maybe just maybe things would be alright and no one would get hurt anymore because of me.   

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