Saving People, Hunting Things, The Family Business

Shalyah goes to Stanford University in Miami, Florida. Jai stays home and hunts with her mother. After Shalyah goes back home for the very first time since college, Jai tells her a shocking secret: Their mother, Jayna, has gone missing. Sam goes to college with Shalyah and also reveals a secret: He and his brother also hunt. So they gang together. Jai and Shalyah. Sam and his brother, Dean. All four come to find out that Sam and Dean's father has went missing too. So they go on a quest to find Jayna, and Sam and Deans father, John. The Longwoods and Winchesters unite!!


3. Something Wicked

*Annabeth's P.O.V.*
  "There's no telling where he's at." I said, "he's probably with Jayna.... Forget this, I'm talking to myself." I plopped down on my full size bed, looking up at my red ceiling. I couldn't stop thinking about where John Winchester could be. I've decided that he must be with Jayna Longwood, they've been planning a hunt like this for years and never done anything, so I always thought they never would, and they do this? What's wrong with them? I got up and went over to my window. My apartment was on the 6th floor. I opened it and sat on the ledge of it. The wind felt good on my face. There was a sidewalk below that many people walked on everyday. The sidewalk led to the Tanger Outlets, it is a mall. It had an orange roof, and many stores. It has, Gap, Nike, Levi's, Banana Republic, Dress Barn, Bath & Body Works, Disney, Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, Rue 21, and Forever 21. I've been there millions of times, although I usually never buy anything unless it's Forever 21. I have loads of clothes from there, all of my closet is Forever 21 stuff.

        As I climbed off the brick ledge, I went straight to my closet. I was still in my pj's, and I was going out later to find John and Jayna, and my brother, Shane, is gonna help. I pulled out three random things and they worked, so I put on, I walked out the door and into the long narrow hallway with purple walls which were lined with windows. The elevator was four windows to the right of me. I usually never take the elevator, but this time I didn't want to waste my energy walking down a flight of stairs. As I was on my way to the shiny sliver elevator I saw something out a window. I couldn't tell what it was, it looked like a fire, although I didn't hear any fire/smoke alarms. The window that I looked through, looked into the west hall of the building. I ignored it and simply walked away toward the elevator. Then, I heard screaming, but it was really faint. The screaming gave me a headache. I'm pretty sure the building is on fire. I slowly walked back to my room, fingers crossed that all my stuff would be packed and in my truck. I opened the wood stained door and my wish had come true. All of my stuff was gone, all that remained was the bed and vanity. I walked over to the window, my truck parked beside the sidewalk. I closed my eyes and suddenly, I was in my truck. I swam around in my pockets to find my keys. Finally, I found them. I put them in and started the vehicle. I kicked it into reverse, and spun back around to face the other way, put it back into drive and sped off. I'm supposed to meet Shane is the parking lot of Cherry Berry Frozen Yogurt on Green Mountain Drive. As I turned at the intersection to go down Green Mountain, I stumbled across a golf course that fell part of the road. This golf course had a volcano and the volcano had fallen. Good thing it wasn't on my side of the road so I kept on going. Just a few driveways away from Cherry Berry's. When I got there, he was already sitting there in his black 2012 Prius, nasty. I parked next to him and I got out of the truck. He was sitting in the drivers seat, asleep. I tapped on the window but that didn't work so I punched in the glass. That woke him up.

"What the hell?!?!" Shane said.
"I had to wake you up somehow." I said.
"Whatever, ready to get goin'?" He asked.
"We're taking my ride, yours sucks." I said, looking at the car from side to side.
"What are you talking about? I love this car!" He said rubbing the dash.
"Just get in my truck." I said and started to walk over to my vehicle.

He got out and walked over to my truck. He was wearing, Retarded.

"Get in the truck." I sounded so demanding, I like it.
"I'm gettin' there, I'm getting there." Shane said. We both got in and sped off to Kansas.
  *Shalyah's P.O.V.*
  "The way that I acted, so irrational." I sang 'T.F.E.R.A' by The Ready Set.

"Every song is the same thing, the authors of text books spelled this out in diamonds." Different song. 'Logistics' by The Ready Set.

"You take one step out a big black Cadillac, a bowler hat, and a pinstripe pair of slacks..." 'The Bandit' by The Ready Set.

"Just give a little, twist, little turn, keep looking in the right direction, baby.." 'Giants'. The Ready Set.

"I'm just like your friends. I sit solid until the timings bad, then I take my bow and leave.." The last song I sung, 'The Scientist' by The Ready Set.

I turned my stereo off and turned my TV on. I switched it to the news, and it caught my eye.
  "Apartment buildings beside Stanford college in Miami, Florida, was broken into this morning." I turned the volume up.
  "The odd thing about this break in is only two apartments, in different buildings were gone through. Locals say they saw a blonde girl in a truck with a dark haired guy pull up this morning."
  That's it, I had enough. I turned my TV off and ran downstairs. Nobody was home though. Jai and Sam went to a bar down the road and Allie went up to visit her parents in Kansas City, MO. When I got down to the kitchen I grabbed the phone and called Sam. It took a minute for him to pick up.

"Hello?" He said.
"Hey." I said.
"Hey Shalyah, what's wrong? You sound worried." He said. He was right.
"Our apartment buildings were broken into this morning." I said.
"What?! Do you know whose apartments?" He asked.
"No. But only two got broken into. In two different buildings." I said.
"Do you think it was ours?" He asked.
"I have no clue." I said.
"Jai and I will be back in about 10, and we'll go see." He said.
"Okay." I said and hung up. I was pretty worried, hopefully it wasn't ours. But I was thinking more about just two apartments in different buildings got in to, and why we think it's our apartments. Complicated. Then I realized I still had my pajama's on. I jogged upstairs and dug something out. I ran back downstairs and sat on the brown leather couch waiting for Sam and Jai.

About 15 minutes later, they finally showed up. I had fallen asleep on the couch, and when the screen door shut, it woke me up.
"Ready to go? We gotta pick Dean up." Sam said.
"Yeah. I'm ready. Let's go." I said, and walked behind them outside.
"Dodge Charger?" Sam said.
"Yeah, is there something wrong with that?" Jai said, sounding protective.
"Nah." He said.

We got in the car. Jai driving, me in shotgun and Sam in the back. We headed out the drive way.
"Where's Dean?" I asked.
"On the way to Miami." Sam said.
"Where on the way to Miami?" I asked.
"I have no clue. He said he'd call." He said.
"Uh...K." I said.
  *Annabeth's P.O.V.*
  "Where the hell are you going?!?" I asked as Shane jumped out of the car.
"If you wanna actually find out where they're at, you'll have to do it the hard way!" He screamed. I stopped the truck, and pulled over on the side of the road.
"Do it the hard way?! How do you think that'll work out? Huh?" I said.
"It'll make them talk. That's how it'll work." He said.
"How do you expect to find his boys??" I asked.
"Have you forgotten. We're demons. We can do anything." He said.
"Fine. We'll do it your way, but if it doesn't work out. It's on you." I said.
"That's fine with me. Now, let's get moving." He said, grabbed my shoulder and we vanished.

When we reappeared. We were both wearing something different. I was wearing and Shane was wearing

"How the hell did we change clothes?" I asked.
"We don't need to look like ourselves. Undercover." He said.
"Ok... Where are we?" I asked.
"Not really sure. I'm guessing I tracked them here." He said.
"Well let's find out where we're at before we do anything." I said.
He sighed, "whatever."

I walked down the abandoned sidewalk, him following close behind. I looked at street signs to see if they looked familiar. None did.
"Well damn. How are we supposed to find out if there's nowhere it says it." I said. Shane didn't say a word. I turned around. He was still walking behind me, but he was acting like he didn't even know I was here. I guess that's what you get for being the good child.. Well, sort of.

"Where the hell could he be?" I heard a faint voice around the corner.
"Knowing Dean, he could be anywhere." I heard someone else say.
"Shane!" I said in a whisper scream.
"What?" He said.
"There's someone around the corner." I said.
"Well good," He said walking past me, "maybe they can tell us where we're at."
"Don't go there." I said, but I was too late.
He yelled, "Hey!"
Facepalm. I ran up to him.
"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" I said.
"Getting help. Lighten up for once." He said, "Oh and guess who it is." He said pointing at the people in front of us. They were just staring.
"Well look here." I said, "The Winchester boys."
"And the Longwood ones too." He said.
"Double treat." I said.
"Uh.. Do we know you?" Sam asked.
"No. But you will." I said.
"What is that supposed to mean?" Jai said.
"Now Jai, we don't wanna affend you. We better just keep our mouths shut." Shane said, leaning on the post behind him.
"How do you know my name?" She asked.
"Now that's a secret." I said, my eyes turning black. All three of them gasped.
"Do you know where my brother is?" Sam said, stepping up.
"Sam, don't-" He cut Shalyah off,
"If they know something about where my brother is, they're gonna spill it." He said.
"Don't get your hopes up. We know nothing." Shane said, "we were actually looking for you and your brother."
"Why?" Shalyah asked.
"We need to know where they're father is. And we think he's with your mother." I said.
"Why would you think that?" Jai asked.
"You do your research and we do ours." I said.
"Well you can just piss off and leave our families alone." Jai said.
"Why would we want to do that?" Shane said.
"Just leave us alone." Shalyah said, "you have no business with our mother, or their father."
"Now I wouldn't say that." I said.
"Your father has something we want." Shane said.
"Like what?" Sam asked.
"Can't say. Some things are private." I said, "don't even try, we won't tell you."
"And they're no help. They don't even know." Sjhane said. Then suddenly, I felt the presence of something behind me so I turned around. Dean was standing there with a gun.
"Leave them alone and leave or I shoot." He said.
"Silly Dean, now why would we be afraid of you?" I said. Then, it hit me, the rock salt...
  *Shalyah's P.O.V.*
  "Thank God!" Jai shouted.
"It's not over yet." The guy said.
"Dont' think I won't shoot you too." Dean said.
"I don't give up that easily." He said. Dean shot but the demon was too fast. he vanished and reappeared behind dean, strangling him. All three of us ran up to them. Sam had his knife out and at the right moment, Jai shot the guy. Dean laying on the ground coughing, surprised to see Jai do that. Why? I don't know. We all looked at her.
"What? I did what I had to do." She said. Dean had caught his breath.
"Let's get going then." He said, "before any more bastards show up." We didn't talk all the way back to the car, and another one was sitting there.
"Who's are is that?" I asked.
"Mine." Dean said.
"Nice." Jai said.
"Two of us can ride in a car." Sam said.
"I'll ride in the Impala. I like it." Jai said.
"And I'm driving." Dean said.
"Then I guess I'm riding with you." Sam said with a smile on his face. I smiled at the thought.
"I'm driving though." I said.
"Fine with me." He said.

We got in, and we drove off to Miami.

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