Saving People, Hunting Things, The Family Business

Shalyah goes to Stanford University in Miami, Florida. Jai stays home and hunts with her mother. After Shalyah goes back home for the very first time since college, Jai tells her a shocking secret: Their mother, Jayna, has gone missing. Sam goes to college with Shalyah and also reveals a secret: He and his brother also hunt. So they gang together. Jai and Shalyah. Sam and his brother, Dean. All four come to find out that Sam and Dean's father has went missing too. So they go on a quest to find Jayna, and Sam and Deans father, John. The Longwoods and Winchesters unite!!


1. It's A Terrible Life

*Shalyah's P.O.V.* I was sitting on my living room couch, reclined and watching T.V. My new apartment was middle sized and right next to Stanford. The walls were painted a sky blue with greyish/white stripes. The floor was hardwood, and the ceiling was white. It was very comfortable, although I miss my home in Kansas. My sister didn't bother to go to college. Instead, she stayed with mom, helping her, and sometimes saving her. I never wanted to have a life like that, so I'm going to college to master in photography. I miss my sister and my mom sometimes, but I try not to worry about it. My mom, Jayna, probably wouldn't want me back with them, after what she said to me before I left for college. I actually don't wanna go back, then I wouldn't have a normal life, and for a change, not be odd to other people.

I got up to get ready to go to bed, then something big, and black jumped out in front of me. I screamed and ran back into the living room. I grabbed my iron pole that goes in the wood stove and crept inside the hall, and flipped the light on. Turns out it was just my dog, Stormy. Stormy was a pretty big dog, she is a blue healer and something else, I can't remember, and she only had three legs. I walked back into the living area and put the rod down. Out of habit I grabbed it and ran toward the thing I was afraid of, one thing Jayna taught Jai and I. I went into my bedroom and grabbed my pajamas. I changed quickly and got into my big, comfortable bed. The next morning would start my second year at Stanford.

The next morning, I got dressed, ate and headed out the door. One of my friends stayed from last year, and we have the same classes, she's also taking interest in photography. As I walked around the campus, the same from last year, there were a lot of new college students. Most of them were cute, and some not. Others just looked normal. I was looking for Allie, who was nowhere to be found so I sat at one of the picnic tables out front. It looked like where I was sitting was abandoned until one guy I've never seen before came up and sat with me. I'm not that great with guys, and this one was pretty cute.

"Hey, I'm Shalyah." I said.
"Hi, I'm Sam." He said and held out his hand. I took it and we shook. It was almost complete silence until he started talking.
"So what brings you to Stanford?" He asked.
"I'm taking photography classes, you?" I asked.
"Nice. I'm studying in law." He said.
"Where you from? Just wondering." I asked, kind of regretting it.
"Lawrence, Kansas, what about you?" He asked.
"No way! I'm from there too!" I spat out.
"Really?! Small world." He said.
"Yeah." I said and laughed, "You wouldn't happen to have a really annoying sister who tries to tell you what to do, do you?"
"No, but I have a brother that's exactly like that." He said, "And my dad's the same way."
"My mother is the same, my dad died when I was like 6 months old." I said, feeling kind of sad.
"My mom died when I was 6 months, in a fire, that's what my dad said, of course, I can't remember it." He said, fake laughing.
"Okay, now this is really freaky but my dad died in a fire too." I said.
"Ah, it's not that freaky, coincidences happen all the time." He said.
"I guess you're right." I said, actually thinking it wasn't a coincidence. We didn't say anything else until it was time for class. And turns out, we had our first class together. I sat next to Allie, who didn't say much.

"Why are you so quiet?" I asked her, bumping her shoulder with mine, "You're usually hyper."
"Not today, I don't feel so good." She said putting her head on her desk.
"You sick?" I asked.
"Yeah, I think so, I was throwing up in the bathroom, that's why I wasn't out front." She said, "How did you spend your time out there without me?"
"Made a new friend, no big deal." I said.
"Who was it?" She asked, letting her head back up.
"His name's Sam." I said.
"Oh, it's a he is it?" She said wiggling her eyebrows at me. I punched her arm.
"Ow! That hurts ya know." She said.
"It's supposed to." I said slumping down in my chair. Sam was sitting right in front of me. Never noticing it, but he has amazing hair. I poked Allie and nodded my head in front of me. She slumped down next to me, whispering,
"Is that Sam?" She asked. I nodded.
"Nice." She said and sat back up.

At the end of the day, I was walking back to my apartment and I felt someone tapping on my shoulder. I quickly turned around to see it was Sam.

"Hey!" I said a little too loudly.
"Hey," He said back with a smile. I smiled back, "Wanna walk?"
"Sure," He said and we started walking. There was an awkward silence until I said something this time,
"Have a good first day?"
"Yeah, pretty good, if you call a lot of work good." He laughed.
"Yeah." I laughed too this time.
"You having fun with your photography?" He asked, his eyes looking straight into mine.
"Yeah, I mean, photography is fun and all, but we're learning the history of it, not learning the profession." I said.
"That sucks." He said and stopped, "Well this is my apartment, I guess I'll see you later, unless you want me to walk you to your apartment." He said. So sweet of him.
"Nah, I'm fine, I'll see you tomorrow." I waved and walked on.

I couldn't stop thinking about our parents' death, well one of them, are the same. We were the same age, both parents died in a fire, but mine wasn't accidental, according to mom. Maybe he knew something about it. But I was afraid of asking because he might not have one clue as to what I'm talking about and think I'm crazy. I don't know if I'm willing to take a chance, but it'd be great to find some answers.

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