Saving People, Hunting Things, The Family Business

Shalyah goes to Stanford University in Miami, Florida. Jai stays home and hunts with her mother. After Shalyah goes back home for the very first time since college, Jai tells her a shocking secret: Their mother, Jayna, has gone missing. Sam goes to college with Shalyah and also reveals a secret: He and his brother also hunt. So they gang together. Jai and Shalyah. Sam and his brother, Dean. All four come to find out that Sam and Dean's father has went missing too. So they go on a quest to find Jayna, and Sam and Deans father, John. The Longwoods and Winchesters unite!!


2. Figuring Out

"Where are we going?" I ask as I'm being blindfolded.
"You'll see." Allie said, dragging me to her car and stuffing me in it.
"Don't have to be so harsh on me, ya know." I said.
"Sorry!" She said and started the car. I could feel us slowly back out and lunge into drive.
"Tell me again why I can't know where we're going?" I said.
"Well, it's a surprise for one." She said.
"I don't like surprises." I said.
"You'll like this one." She said. I didn't say anything else the whole ride, which took about an hour. We were in Oklahoma for the summer, happy to get out of Florida for a while.
"Are we there yet?" I asked, feeling annoyed.
"Almost, about five more minutes." She said.
"Whatever." I said.

"We're here!" She said, and we started driving on gravel.
"Where are we exactly?" I asked. Sarcasm. 
She didn't say anything else.

The car slowed to a stop, and she got out of the car. She went around to my side and opened the door,  since I was blindfolded. 
"Get out!" She yelled, a little too loudly. 
"This is hard, ya know!" I yelled back. So she helped me get out of the car. 
"Now take your blindfold off!" She yelled, again. I took off my blindfold, and I saw something I never wanted to see again. The old Longwood house, where my mother and my sister live. 
"Why'd you bring me here?" I asked.
"Because. You've been saying you miss this place all school year, so I though I'd bring you here." She said.
"I actually didn't want to come back, I miss it but I never wanted to come back here," I said looking at her.
"Oh. I'm sorry. I didn't know." She said.
"No, it's okay, let's go inside." I said. The 1969 Dodge Charger was sitting in the driveway. As I walked up the old wood steps, I remembered how much fun I had in this house. Me and Jai would always be home alone though, mom would be out. I never liked that too well. I knocked on the door, I don't know why, it's my house. I heard footsteps coming closer to the door, and it swung open. Jai stood there wearing,
"Long time no see little sister!" She said and wrapped me in a hug, "what brings you back to Lawrence?"
"Allie brought me here as a surprise, I was blindfolded the whole way." I said laughing.
"Oh, well, come on in and I'll make some tea." She said and let us in.
"So, what have you been up to lately?" I asked.
"Oh nothing, just got off a job down in Chicago. Was something to do with a demon, but someone got there before me, that son of a bitch." She said, "I've gotta talk to you about something, but make yourself comfortable, we'll talk later." Allie knew about all the demonic and ghost hunting stuff, she was a little freaked out at first, but she got over it. Jai came back in the living room with a jug a tea.
"Help yourself Allie, I need to talk to my sister for a moment, alone." She said, "come on." I got up and followed her upstairs into my old nursery.
"What's going on, why do you need to talk to me?" I asked, very confused.
"Well, it's mom." She said in a low tone.
"Wha-what's wrong with mom??" I asked.
"She's been gone for a few weeks, and hasn't been home." She said.
"So what?" I said, now very very confused.
"Mom's been on a hunting trip, and hasn't been home in a few weeks. Haven't even heard from her." She said. I didn't say anything else. We just stood there in the silence until Allie yelled from downstairs.
"Hey! Sam's here!!" She yelled.
"Be down in a minute!" I yelled back. I made my way toward the stairs, Jai following.
"Who the hell is Sam?" She asked.
"A friend." I said, "where'd you get the necklace?"
"Cas gave it to me, for good luck." She said.
"How's he doin'? I asked.
"He's great, he's been out a lot to help with mom." She said and we made it to the bottom of the stairs. Allie was already at the door talking to Sam. 
"Let the poor boy in!" Jai hollered. Allie had let him in.
"Hey Sam!" I said, and wrapped him in a hug, he was so warm and smelled really good, "come sit!" He followed all of us into the living room, "help yourself to some tea, also." I said smiled at him, he smiled back.
"Thanks, it's been a while. My brother's at the bar down the road, so I had to walk here. He's been researching all day." He said.
"That sounds more like you without the bar." I said, and we laughed, "what's he researching?"
"Oh, just some stuff that doesn't even matter. And he's on my computer, and has our dad's journal. He just won't give up." He said and sat down, we all sat down after he did.
"Oh! I almost forgot, I'm really sorry about Jess." I said.
"It's okay. It was kind of mysterious, she died the same way my mom did." He said. Then his face changed expression, like he shouldn't have said that.
"What does that mean?" Jai asked.
"I mean, they both died in a fire. My mom died when I was a baby, in my nursery. My dad hasn't been the same since. And it's really odd that Jess died the same way." He said.
"They died in a fire? And your mom in your nursery?" Jai looked worried and confused.
"Yeah." He said, "what do you think?"
"Well, I would explain it to you, but you'd think I'm crazy." Jai said, and started to walk into the kitchen, "Anyone want any more tea? I can make another jug."
"Wait." Sam said.
"What?" Jai said and turned back around.
"I won't think you're crazy, I think I may know what it is you were going to say." He said. Jai's expression changed, she walked back to her seat and sat down.
"You really want to know what I think?" She said.
"Yeah, I really do." He said. Allie just sat there in confusion.
"Allie I think you should go upstairs, listen to some of my CD's." I said, "Please." She went upstairs and as soon as the door closed, Jai jumped right in.
"Okay, what I think is that it was no accident." Jai said looking straight at Sam.
"Like, someone did it on purpose?" Sam said.
Jai nodded, "yeah, what do you think about that?"
"I think you're right. Probably some kind of.. I don't know-" I cut him off,
"Demon?" I didn't mean to do that, I shouldn't have said that. They were both looking at me.
"Sorry, force of habit!" I said.
"But you're right." Sam said.
"What?" Jai and I said together.
"My dad went off to find the thing that killed our mother, and it's been rough since." He said. Jai just sat there staring at him, studying him. And me? My mouth dropped.
"So... You hunt?" I asked.
"Yeah. I suppose you do to?" He asked looking up at me.
"Well this is awkward, why didn't you just tell me?" I asked.
"I thought you might think I'm crazy, I didn't want that." He said and laughed. I smiled.
"I know how you feel." I said and we both laughed.
"So, what's your story?" He asked.

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