Saving People, Hunting Things, The Family Business

Shalyah goes to Stanford University in Miami, Florida. Jai stays home and hunts with her mother. After Shalyah goes back home for the very first time since college, Jai tells her a shocking secret: Their mother, Jayna, has gone missing. Sam goes to college with Shalyah and also reveals a secret: He and his brother also hunt. So they gang together. Jai and Shalyah. Sam and his brother, Dean. All four come to find out that Sam and Dean's father has went missing too. So they go on a quest to find Jayna, and Sam and Deans father, John. The Longwoods and Winchesters unite!!


4. A New Beginning

When we got to our apartment buildings in Miami, Sam was sound asleep. Jai and Dean were in front of us the whole time. There was no way to get ahold of them because there was no service the whole way, and I really had to pee. I couldn't have just pulled over, they would be looking for us then.

We pulled into the parking lot of Sam's apartment building. Our Dodge Charger parked right beside the Impala, and Dean was the first one to get out.

"Now why are we here again?" Dean said, sounding really pissed off.
"We think our apartments got broken into." I said stepping out of the car.
"Oh." He said.

Sam was the last one out and he had baggs under his eyes. He walked slowly to where everyone was at, he kind of creeped me out a little.

"What's wrong Sammy?" Dean asked, looking a little worried.
"I'm just so tired, don't know why." He said leaning on the car and closing his eyes.
"You weren't this tired before we left." Dean said.
"I slept the whole way, maybe that's why." Sam said.
"Yeah...That's why." Dean said with a smile on his face. I slapped him.
"Ow!" He screached.
"You deserve it." I said.
"Well let's see your apartments." Jai said.
"We'll go to Sam's first since this is his building, not mine." I said.
"Oh. So you two don't share one?" Dean said, with a smile on his face, again. I slapped him again.
"Would you quit hitting me!" He yelled.
"You won't quit making sexual remarks!" I yelled right back at him.
"Let's just hurry up and go." Sam said, leading the way.

He didn't look like he was that tired from the way he walked.

"I thought you said you were tired?" I asked him.
"I'm not. Well, not anymore. Hardly." He said.
"Oh. Guess you just needed a lttle waking up." I said.
"Yeah. I guess." He said.

We walked into the 5 floor building and to the big elevators. Sam pressed the 'UP' button and the doors swung open.  There was a load of people in there, so all of us could hardly fit. Sam pressed the '4TH FLOOR' button. And guess what?

We were the last ones off.

"Well that took a while." I said, catching up with Jai.
"Yeah. Loads of people." She said, rolling her eyes.
"Don't judge me! Most people aren't here when there's no school." I said looking at her.
"Yeah. Whatever." She said and looked straight ahead.
"What's wrong?" I asked her.
"Nothing." She said.
"You're worried about Sam aren't you?" I asked her.
"No..." Her voice trailed off.
"Yeah you are. Why are you worried so much?" I asked.
"I'm not really. I'm just worried about ya'lls apartments." She said.
"Sure.." I said.

We finally got to Sam's apartment door. He dug around in his pockets for his key. He found it and put it in the key hole and turned the knob on the door. He walked in, then Jai, then Dean, and then me. Sam stopped in front of us.

"Oh my god." Sam said. Jai put her hand over her mouth. Dean didn't pay attention. I didn't do anything because I can't see one thing.
"What?" I asked

"Can you not see this?" Jai asked me, still in shock.
"I can't see a thing, 'cause ya'll are giants!" I said.
Jai shoved me in front of her. I choked on my own spit, and maybe some air.
"I think we should get out of here.." I said.
"Good move." Sam said. We all ran out the door, it closing behind us.
"Who the fuck closed the door?!"I yelled.
"Not me." Sam said.
"Me neither." Jai said.
"Dean's still in there." I said, trying not panic. Then we heard pounding on the door.
"Hey! Let me out!" Dean yelled. I tried pulling on the door knob but it didn't work.
"Here, let me try." Sam said, doing the same thing I did. it still didn't work.
"Guys......" Dean said. There was a long pause, "Get me out of here!"
"What's going on in there?!?!" Sam said.
"That's not important right now, just get me out!" Dean yelled.
"We're on it." Sam said.
"What are we gonna do??" Jai asked.
"You are not going to do anything. And neither are you Shalyah." He said.
"We want to help." I spit out.
"He's my brother. It's my responsibility." Sam said.
"Last time I heard, you were Dean's resposibility." Jai said.
"Where did you hear that?" Sam asked.
"The guy who's stuck in that room right this moment." She said.
"What?" Sam said, then there was more poudning on the door.
"Hold on Dean, we'll get you out!" Jai yelled. Sam just gave her a look.
"Don't look at me like that. While we were arguing, I hatched a plan," she said, "Shalyah, come with me. Sam, you stay here and keep trying the knob." She said.
"If you think I'm just gonna sta-" Jai cut him off.
"Just trust me!" She said, "Please." He took a minute to think.
"Okay." He said.
"Great, come on Shalyah." She said, and we both ran toward the elevator.
"There's no time for an elevator Jai." I said.
"But I'm lazyyy." She said.
"We gotta save Dean." I said, "And I'll go without you."
"Whatever. Then, what's your plan?" She asked.
":We get outside, and climb up to one of Sam's windows." I said.
"Okay." She said.
"Now. Let's take the stairs shall we?" I said and ran toward the stairs. Jai lagged behind.

We got outside and went around the back .I was in ahead so Jai had to be behind me somewhere, or she just ditched me. I cam up to the window, it was 3 stories up.

"This is it." I said and turned around to look at Jai. She wasn't there.
"Well then,.." I said to myself.

I turned back around and looked up. Just to see Cas staring back down at me.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.
"I sensed you needed help." He said.
"Your "senses" actually worked this time." I said. He nodded, not amused.
"Pshhh, my senses do work." He said.
"Hardly." I said, "Now help me up and you get your feathery ass outta here. None of them need to see you."
"I know, I'll be gone before you know it." He said.
"Good." I said, "Now help."
"Fine." He said.

He helped me up to the window, and he left, just like he said he would. I pounded on the window.

"Dean?! You in there??" I yelled. There was no answer. 
"Dean?!?!?!" I pounded again.
"Dean, you better answer me!" I yelled.

That was the last straw. 

I kicked the window as hard as I could. The window shattered to pieces.

"Now, that's what I'm talking about." I said and walked into the broken window.
"Dean?" I called out again.
"Dean, are you here?" I yelled.

Shh. My head said. Listen. I shut my mouth for a moment. Then, after a few minutes I heard something leave. Like something, not right. Something leaving and never coming back. How could I hear that? And why? I then heard coughing. It was coming from the closet.
"Dean?" I yelled out. The coughing had stopped.

I walked over to the closet, hoping nothing had happened. When I got to the brown polished doors of the old closet, I quickly opened it. I dropped to the floor. Not wanting to see what was in front of me. What would Sam do? How would Jai act? I knew I wasn't taking it well. Not at all.

Tears filled my eyes. Even though we never even talked, he felt like family, because Sam is family. And any family of his is mine.

How would I tell them?
Don't be scared....
We'll get through this....
Don't panic..............

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