My first love

Stephanie is just another girl who thinks that love don't exist because she has been hurt so many times. what happened when she fall in love again ? Read to find out


4. summer YEEEY !!!

Chapter 4

At the beach......

Stephanie: I'm so happy to be here such a long time I didn't come here

Charoline: me too

Sara: well why don't we swim for a while

Caam: yes that's a great idea . So lets go girls

Stephanie: girls why do you think the boys were spying us ?

Charoline: I don't know but that was so weird .

Sara: yeah I know we'll I'm happy because is summer but school starts in two weeks and that's really boring I don't like going to school .

Charoline: me too I hate school I only go to see my friends

Stephanie: I think this year is gonna be different

Caam: I hope jake ask me out I want to kiss him.

Sara: caam In the only things you think is in kissing jake and that's weird.

Stephanie: is 7:00 o'clock I should go home why don't we have a slumber party !!

Charoline: yeah of course and we could play truth or dare

Sara: yeah that would be cool

Caam: well I'm gonna tell my mom that I'm staying so she don't get nervous

Stephanie: ok well so let's go

( charoline's POV )

At Stephanie's house we saw a movie that was name wild child of a girl who live in L.A I think the movie was cool then we start playing truth or dare .....

Sara: what you choose truth or dare

Caam: truth

Sara: what you think about the boys of our class?

Caam: I think they are good friends and jake is special

Sara: ok so know you steph what you choose truth or dare?

Stephanie: dare

Sara: Skype with Brandon right know

Stephanie: really ?

Sara: yes you choose dare so go girl

Stephanie: okey

( Stephanie's POV )

I call Brandon to Skype with him suddenly he answer ......

Brandon: hi steph

Stephanie: hi Brandon

Brandon: so how's your birthday going ?

Stephanie: good I think so but you and the boys scared me a lot in the mall , do you see me in bikini ?

Brandon: yes , sorry but the idea was of jake he want to see caam

Stephanie: aww really that's weird because then he told me I look nice and what do you think I look good ?

Brandon: yes you look beautiful you are very pretty.

Stephanie: thanks !!! Well I have to go see you later.

Sara: awww he told you, you look beautiful he is so sweet .

Charoline: yeah he is a sweet boy

Caam: yeah but jake is more sweet

Stephanie: caam stop talking about jake

Sara: well why don't we sleep know is 11:00 o'clock

Charoline: yeah I'm tired

Stephanie: me too. So goodnight girls

In the morning.......

Caam: mmm !! It smell delicious

Stephanie's mom: the breakfast is done, come to the kitchen girls !!

Stephanie: ok mom we are going. So get up girls.

Charoline: I'm hungry

Sara: me too

Caam: I'm tired , I didn't sleep I was thinking in jake all the night

Stephanie: really ?

Caam: of course yes

Charoline: well why don't we go and have breakfast I'm hungry my stomach make sounds like grrrrr

Stephanie: well let's go

( charoline's POV )

The kitchen of steph house smell delicious her mom cook delicious I love to stay in her house

Charoline: mmm it smell delicious

Stephanie's mom : well thanks I'm doing pancakes

Charoline: I love pancakes !!!!

Stephanie's mom: you gonna love them

Charoline: YEEEY !!!!!!!

( Caam's POV )

We were having breakfast and i saw that Stephanie check her Facebook status and it was of a party the 18 of August the first Friday of class and we have only a week to choose what we were gonna use and it was a formal party so we need a dress .

Stephanie: mom can we go to the mall today ?

Stephanie's mom: yes girls but you went yesterday .

Stephanie: I know mom but we have a party next week in jake house and we have to dress formal . Can we go please ?

Stephanie's mom: well yes but hurry up

Stephanie: ok thanks mom I love you

( Sara's POV )

We go upstairs and change and then we go to the mall and suddenly I see the boys but I don't say nothing because we were having a great time and we enter to our favourite shop and we start picking dresses and high heels to try them on and then we were in the dressing room and Stephanie sister Suzanne were there with us.

Stephanie: I'm gonna try this dress is light blue and with the heels light blue

Charoline: I'm gonna try this white dress and red high heels

Sara: I'm gonna try the purple one with purple heels

Caam: I'm gonna try the blue one with pink high heels .

( Brandon's POV )

We where spying the girls for a second time as always it was idea of jake because he wants to see Caam so we were there.

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