My first love

Stephanie is just another girl who thinks that love don't exist because she has been hurt so many times. what happened when she fall in love again ? Read to find out


5. Starbucks

Chapter 5

After going to the mall we were having some Starbucks Chars order a caramel frappe Suzanne order a mango maracuya Caam order a vanilla cream Sara order a mocha cookie frapuchinno and I order a chai tea after Starbucks we go to Sara's house and we saw a movie call the perks of being a wallflower we all love that movie then we were talking about who is gonna go with us to the party because you have to go with a date and I really don't know with who I'm gonna go because I don't know who is gonna invite me so .......

Sorry if this chapter is short but the other one would be super long promise. :)

Love you all

Thanks for reading

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