My first love

Stephanie is just another girl who thinks that love don't exist because she has been hurt so many times. what happened when she fall in love again ? Read to find out


2. math class

Chapter 2

( Brandon's POV )

-At math class -

I was seeing Stephanie I can't stop seeing her she is so beautiful she has a great smile and she is different from the other girls so that makes her special .

Then the teacher ask me a question and I don't know what to answer but then she saved me she race up her hand and said the answer and the teacher was very impressed beacuse she was very smart .

( Stephanie's POV )

When I answer the question I caught Brandon seeing me in class so I start to get a little nervous beacuse he never saw me in class since 6 years ago and that make me feel happy.

At lunch ....

Charoline: steph I saw that Brandon was looking at you in math class and when you answer the question he was like impressed of you I think he is in love with you.

Stephanie: that's not true I know he was seeing me but beacuse he want something I don't think he loves me he would never be in love with me beacuse he thinks I'm strange I think he was seeing another girl

Sara: that's not true steph he was stareing at you he was like if he saw and angel

Stephanie: I don't think he is in love with me beacuse he would never talk to me he don't know I exist .

Charoline: well if you don't believe me I'm gonna go asked him.

Stephanie: no don't go !!!!!

Sara: I go with you . steph stay with Suzanne and caam.

( Brandon's POV )

The girls were coming to the table we where and they sit next to me and say if they can talk with me alone and I say yes so they start asking questions

Charoline: why you were staring at steph in math class ?

Brandon: I think she looks beautiful and pretty today

Sara: aww

Charoline: really well why don't you ask her out

Brandon: no I don't think she want to date me

Sara: but.....

Charoline: ok bye

( Brandon's POV )

While the girls start going all the Boys start asking me what happened , they start asking me question about them but I couldn't answer any beacuse the bell rang .

At English class ....

I was very nervous beacuse the girls where telling things to steph and everytime I saw her my stomach hurts I think I'm in love with her but if I tell the boys about this they are going to laugh so I'm not going to tell anyone about it.

In eight grade I'm going to ask her out I hope she say yes

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