My first love

Stephanie is just another girl who thinks that love don't exist because she has been hurt so many times. what happened when she fall in love again ? Read to find out


10. hangover

Chapter 8


It was Sunday by now and I was super tired so I was almost all day in bed until 3 in the afternoon I woke up and had lunch I had a really massive headache and I think I was sick but no it was just the hangover .

I don't know if the others are also hangover I will ask them later now I will just eat something and see a movie and I will ask William if he wants to watch it with me I will watch beautiful creatures and I will eat food I think I'm a fatty but that's not true hehe I do eat a lot of food but I do lots of exercise so I'm super skinny hehehe my family is all skinny heheh well sorry i was talking about what I'm doing Hehehe so yeah I'm gonna sleep more and take another aspirin for the headache so yeah it would be a sleepy Sunday.

I'm gonna call chars to know how she is feeling


[ Charoline- C Stephanie-S ]

C: hi steph !

S: hi chars ! How are you feeling after the hangover ?

C: not so good I have a massive headache so yeah and how are you ?

S: not fine I also have a headache and I have take 3 aspirins and I'm not feeling good so I'm gonna watch a movie with William and eat some food and chillax a little bit hehehe

C: I will also chillax to relax a little bit hehe

..end of call....

So I love my brother William because he is always taking care of me , he is the perfect twin brother

So I forgot to tell all of you that my parents are divorce so normally William acts like the overprotective brother even tho Susanne is the older he is over protective with me and because I have had a lot of heartbreaks so he is more overprotective every time that's why I didn't told him about me kissing Brandon at the party, but I think he will find out anyways he always finds if I didn't tell him something and he is only overprotective with me but no with Susanne because she is older.

Next day....

It was Monday ugh! I hate Mondays

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