My first love

Stephanie is just another girl who thinks that love don't exist because she has been hurt so many times. what happened when she fall in love again ? Read to find out


3. end of seven grade !!

Chapter 3

( Brandon's POV )

This year was very tired because well I need a tutor in math I'm not really good at math but the reason I'm not good because Stephanie sits in front of me so all the time I'm seeing her I only start thinking in our future together I want to be in eight grade to ask her and go to prom together .

( Stephanie's POV)

I was happy because it was the end of the year and I had good grades in my classes so I'm very happy about that and I'm also happy because summer is starting and I love to go shopping it's cool also I love to go to the beach and also go to Disney because that's why I love living in L.A .

( charoline's POV )

I'm happy because of summer and I don't have such good grades this year I have to improve in school because all I do in school is see my friends and sleep in class but Stephanie always wake me up and I don't know why but I think this summer is gonna be cool I'm going to the beach with all my friends .

The summer starts and the girls were shopping at the mall....

Charoline: steph!!! Look who is there Brandon and the boys.

Stephanie: cool I think so and what are they doing here ?

Sara: I think they know we where going to be here so they come

Caam: well why. Don't we forget about them and try this close on

Stephanie: that's better I want to try this bikini

Charoline: I'm going to try this dress I love it , it has my favourite colors.

Sara: I'm going to try a short.

Caam: I'm going to try a t-shirt

Stephanie: well who goes first?

Charoline: you go first!!!!

Stephanie: ok

While Stephanie was trying the bikini the boys saw the girls in the store and they were hidding and spy the girls

Stephanie: I'm done

Caam: so get out girl

Stephanie: okey I'm going hope you like it hahaha

( Brandon's POV )

When Stephanie got out of the dressing room she look beautiful I start thinking she was an angel , she had a great body.

Jake start going where the girls were and I start being nervous beacuse If jake Told them that were we were there the girls would be angry.

Jake: hi girls

Hi jake!!!

Stephanie: what are you doing here ????

Jake: Steph you look nice in bikini

Stephanie: thanks but I don't ask you If I look good I ask you what are you doing here

Jake: I was walking with the boys

Stephanie: what ? Where are they , they can't see me like this so please go

Jake: ok I would go but happy birthday I know today Is your birthday so have great time .

Stephanie: thanks

( Stephanie's POV )

When jake told me the boys were here I start getting very nervous today was my 14 birthday and I was trying that bikini beacuse we want to go to the beach so I need a knew bikini but that isn't really important the important thing is why the boys were there I think they spy us while we were dressing and that's not good I hope that that's not true but........................

Charoline: steph why don't you buy that bikini and we get out of here

Stephanie: yes let me change and we go

Caam: why I'm gonna try a bikini to beacuse I want jake to see me in bikini

Sara: no caam I think we should go is better

Caam: okey :( but can we go to the beach

Stephanie: of course yes I only want to get out of this mall right now.

Sara: yeah well so hurry up I wanna go to the beach .

( charoline's POV )

When Stephanie was changeing I saw Brandon spying us

Charoline: what are you doing here ?

Brandon: nothing

Charoline: nothing you were spying us and you say you are doing nothing . What happened to you boy ?

Brandon: well I should go I don't have to be here know so I'll better go

Charoline: no until you answer me that question

( Brandon's POV )

Suddenly I saw the girls coming and i start being nervous because I saw Stephanie coming and my face start getting red ...

Stephanie: what are you doing here Brandon ?

Charoline: I ask him the same question but he don't answer me !!!

Stephanie: Brandon so you gonna answer me ? What are you doing here ?

Brandon: nothing I was looking for the boys

Stephanie: ok well see you later

Brandon: Well bye .

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