Think of the view (Harry Styles fan fiction)


1. Chapter 1

Harry's POV


It was snowing that night so thick that is froze my ankles. I had just left the boys round the corner who were still drawing stick men in the white, frosty ground with their piss. They were much older than me but I didn't feel intimidated. I rarely do. Walking home to my mum who was probably stumbling home from the pub, I had a scary feeling like I was being watched. The tall apartment blocks kind of looked like monsters in this light making this journey even more chilling. 


Trying to distract myself from the frightening surroundings, I tipped my head back and stuck my tongue out to catch the spiralling snowflakes falling to the ground. But this didn't distract me enough to block out the echoed whistles coming from the shadows. Or the near footsteps behind me channelling the crisp snow with their weight. These footsteps grew in volume making me walk faster, I couldn't turn round. I didn't want to see what was following me. Moderate footsteps became generous jogs, something was running after me. Run Harry, run. 


Suddenly I broke into a sprint trying my best not to slip on the ice underneath the white floor. My heart pounding in my ears blocking out the increasing speed of the footsteps behind me, I saw blackness. A sharp jolt on my neck pulled me to fall onto my back, my feet flew into the air as my head cracked against the frozen concrete. My eyes grew fuzzy with my only sight being a tiny hole in front of my left eye. The thing behind me had put a sack on my head. "Come on silly" the thing chuckled, sitting me up with my skull like a bag of bricks flopping to sit on my shoulder. The chuckle was deep like a man but with a scary tint that coated it. Unable to defend myself, I almost allowed him to slip one arm under my knees to throw me into what I'm guessing was a van. 


What seemed like an eternity passed and I found the strength to pull my bleeding head up to my surroundings. The click of a door, the creek of it opening and the sight of the man in front of me was muffled from the sack but my hearing was clear I think as he whispered "come on, sweetheart" lifting both of my hands to lead me out of the van. Unmasking me to the world, he grabbed the sack off of my head. Although it felt like the Earth was spinning 1 million miles faster than I was used to, I recognised the area. The richest estate around. It was a popular place my friends and I would terrorise like throwing eggs at windows or knocking at doors and running away but now it was a confusing enclosure. I'm guessing this man in front of me called it 'home'. 


Guiding me with his greasy, muscular hand intertwined with mine, I climbed a mountain of slate steps still trying to come to terms with what was happening. Facing a gigantic, white doorway, the man bent down to my level forcing a creepy, toothy grin at me. As he examined my features his smile turned to a confused frown as he licked his thumb and wiped the drying blood off of my forehead. "We can't have you looking like I found you on the street now can we?" He sang pushing my brown curls from my eyes. Isn't that exactly what happened? Tears prickled the surface of my pupils as I blubbered pathetically, "When can I go home Mr?" He grin appeared again even more frightful than the last time. Opening the door he dug a beefy fist under my shoulder blade practically lifting me into the grand hallway. I scrunched up my face from pain as he bellowed "Darling come here, bring the girls, I have a surprise for you!" A woman with thick, red hair danced down the stairs with a face in awe as 4 girls with similar features followed. 


"John he's beautiful" she exclaimed stroking my stinging cheeks delicately like feathers on cardboard. "What's your name child?" She spoke softly with a warm tone making me feel safe. "H... Harry" I muttered my head still light from the fall. Without hesitation she threw her bony arms around me covering me in her love. Not forgetting how I got here I stuttered, "Miss... Where am I?" Causing her to brake the hug but form a smile as terrifying as the man's outside she replied, "home."






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