Was it Fate?

This book is a romance about a girl whose dream literally comes true.(not metaphorically) She meets a guy and they fall in love. like every couple, they have their ups and downs. She soon talks to her best friend Luke about something that happened and now drama starts to happen. what will she do now? If u wanna find out more u have to read and like my book! Love you all starshines! ;D MWA


6. Was it love?

After our first date, Dylan and I went on several more and became super close. We talked to each other about problems, but mostly we talked about how we felt for each other. I didn't know what Dylan was thinking, but I knew that I really liked him. Did I love him? I couldn't decide, I had never felt like this before. I keep hoping that maybe I will understand how I really feel soon enough. In the mean time, I spent as much time with Dylan as possible, and tonight we were by ourselves watching a movie at his house.

~Dylan's P.O.V ~

We were sitting on my bed watching a movie, but all I could pay attention to was her beautiful face. She glowed like an angel from above, and all I wanted to do was hold her and make her feel safe and warm. I debated on whether or not I should lean in and kiss her. Do I make a move and risk our relationship, or do I play it safe by not showing how I truly feel? I couldn't decide, so I made the decision to ask her a question. " Lana, how would you feel if I kissed you?" I asked shyly. She replied with her soprano voice " I..I think I would rather like it." I could tell she didn't know how to answer my question, because she stuttered trying to think of the answer. I didn't mind, I just felt glad that the one girl in the world I would do anything for just proved she liked me as much as I liked her. Maybe even love me as much as I loved her. Was it love? I couldn't see why not, my feelings were strong though and that's what mattered.

~ Lana's P.O.V ~

Dylan's question caught me completely by surprise, and I had no idea what to say. I loved him, this was for sure now. I wanted him to kiss me, I couldn't believe how stupid my answer to his question was. I felt nervous for a while, and then I realized Dylan was touching my waste. His hands slowly moving up to my stomach, breasts, then to my face. He looked me in the eyes and I could see the intense passion in his eyes. He loved me, this I could tell just by looking into those deep beautiful eyes. After a minute of looking at each other, I was being kissed with the most passionate lips ever. He held me tight, and soon he slipped his tongue into my mouth. I felt shock and joy at the same time and I realized what he wanted to happen.

We made out for a while, slowly moving into different positions to get comfortable. His gentle hands slid across my body and I felt a shiver through my spine. We grew closer together and then Dylan was taking my shirt off, sliding it over my head. As he did this, I fooled with the buttons on his shirt. I finally got his shirt off, and I looked at him and his beautifully built body. We started to get intense and I could feel him against my body, letting me know he would always be there for me. It felt amazing to have sex with him, especially when he kissed my neck, I couldn't help but feel amazing afterword. We had spent an hour together and I was exhausted, but I had never felt so good. We lay in his bed afterword and just talked about us. I was falling asleep in his arms he had rapped around me, and before I drifted off, I simply whispered "I love you babe." He whispered back "I love you too beautiful." Then we were both passed out in his bed for the night.

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