Was it Fate?

This book is a romance about a girl whose dream literally comes true.(not metaphorically) She meets a guy and they fall in love. like every couple, they have their ups and downs. She soon talks to her best friend Luke about something that happened and now drama starts to happen. what will she do now? If u wanna find out more u have to read and like my book! Love you all starshines! ;D MWA


7. Grounded

The next morning I woke up to find Dylan holding me close to him. It made me smile inside, and I wanted to stay like that forever. I thought back to last night and remembered how amazing it felt to be with him. I hoped he felt the same way, and then I saw him blink his eyes a little. He looked at me and said "Good morning beautiful." I smiled back and chuckled "Good morning handsome." That morning we talked for a while and told each other how much we loved each other.

After a few hours I got hungry and decided to make is breakfast. His dad wasn't home so I didn't have to hide in Dylan's room. I decided to make eggs, bacon, and biscuits. Dylan came down from his room and stared at me while I cooked. I figured he liked the sight of me in his house making him breakfast. After we are I has to go home, but I was nervous since my dad was probably wondering where the hell I was.

Dylan dropped me off at my house and we kissed goodbye. I tried walking inside quietly hoping my dad wouldn't here me, but unfortunately he was on the stairs already waiting for me to come inside. I thought to myself "Crap, I'm screwed." I had to sit there and listen to my dad yell at me for hours talking about "Where have you been young lady." " Your choices have consequences." So on and so forth. Finally he let me go to my room but said I was grounded for two weeks. I didn't mind too much considering I had Dylan now.

I went to my room and texted Dylan, letting him know I was grounded. He laughed at me and said it would be over before I knew it. I knew he was right, I just kinda hated the fact that my dad was pissed at me now. I had to just let the thought leave my head. I couldn't wait for school the next day, because I wanted to get out of the house and I wanted to see Dylan. He always made my day better and I couldn't wait to just see his beautiful face.

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