Was it Fate?

This book is a romance about a girl whose dream literally comes true.(not metaphorically) She meets a guy and they fall in love. like every couple, they have their ups and downs. She soon talks to her best friend Luke about something that happened and now drama starts to happen. what will she do now? If u wanna find out more u have to read and like my book! Love you all starshines! ;D MWA


4. Getting Ready

The next day went by pretty slow, mainly because I couldn't wait for the date with Dylan. I went to all my classes thinking about him, and occasionally smiling at him to let him know I liked him, but not too much so he wouldn't think I was creepy. He would smile back with the perfect smile of his that made me melt a little inside.

When I got home after school it was around 4:30 pm, just enough time to do homework and get ready before the date. I finished my geometry homework and went to take a shower. The water was the perfect temperature, and it felt good to wash myself after a long day of school. I used green apple scented shampoo and conditioner so that when he smelt my hair he would get a warm feeling. After rinsing and drying off, I picked out the perfect outfit. A beautiful short aqua dress with black stilettos and a cute jean jacket in case it got cold. I got dressed and curled my hair with a wand so that the curls were perfectly the way I liked them. My makeup matched my skin tone perfectly and I didn't put too much on because I wanted him to see the real me. I finally decided I was ready for the perfect date with the perfect guy.

I waited for him to show up, and when he pulled up in his nice silver mustang I wanted to run to him, but instead I let him come get me. He rang the bell and when I answered the door, he looked at me and all he said was "wow, you look amazing!" I laughed and replied " Thank you, you look nice too." (Blushing) I locked the door and hoped for the best night I could ever have.

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