Irresistible Love

Olivia is just a normal teenage girl, living her life at school with the friends she has always hoped to have. But no one knows her real life at home.... Livy, (Olivia) gets abused by her step dad. Her real dad got murderd when Olivia was just 7, so her mum moved on to this monster, without knowing how horrid he really is, because she is always at work. When the new boy arrives at school, she doesn't know how much her life will change.......
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1. The Cave


      Irresistible Love (One Direction FanFic)

                     Olivia's POV

    I had been at my new high school three years now, and I am doing really well. I have the friends that I have always wanted, although they aren't always very kind to me. "Olivia! Pay attention!" my math teacher yells at me, and I snap out of my day dream. "What is 356 x 59 please?" just when I was about to answer, the lunch bell rung. Miss McIvor sighed, glad she was done for the day probably. 

    Jumping up from my desk, I raced to the cafeteria, ready to meet with "The Divas," as they like to call themselves. They honestly don't know what that actually means. Hannah, Lucy and Kat were there waiting for me. Kat ran up and hugged me, being the friendly person she is. She's definitely my favourite out of the Divas. "You're late!" Hannah shouted at me. Wow, lots of people are getting angry with me today. "Sorry," I mumbled. "I'm gonna go get some lunch."

     I walked up to the food, and the lunch lady splattered a brown mushy slush onto my plate. "Thanks..." I said sarcastically. I swallowed it down while holding my nose, as Hannah and Lucy laughed. they had homemade pancakes that their dads had made.

      ~After School~

  After school, I get scared of what my step dad is going to do next. Will he cut me? I don't know, and I don't want to find out. So, instead of going straight home, I go to my special secret place in the bay. No one else knows where it is, except me, my mum and dad. We used to go here when I was younger, before dad died of cancer and mum met up with the horrible 'thing,' my step dad. 

    It was behind the waterfall that fell over the cliff, and we had made a hidden path to get there. I sneaked through the bushes, and made my way into the cave. The big golden rocks hung over me, and I looked out the gap to the waterfall splashing on top of the secret cavern.

     Then I heard it. A sound. There hadn't been anyone that knows about my place, but I heard a noise coming from the cracks in the boulder. It was just big enough for a person to fit through. I stopped moving, and stayed as still as I could. 


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