Irresistible Love

Olivia is just a normal teenage girl, living her life at school with the friends she has always hoped to have. But no one knows her real life at home.... Livy, (Olivia) gets abused by her step dad. Her real dad got murderd when Olivia was just 7, so her mum moved on to this monster, without knowing how horrid he really is, because she is always at work. When the new boy arrives at school, she doesn't know how much her life will change.......
(Updates once a week)


2. Run Away

     Then I heard it. A sound. There hadn't been anyone that knows about my place, but I heard a noise coming from the cracks in the boulder. It was just big enough for a person to fit through. I stopped moving, and stayed as still as I could. Was it Dave? Had he found me? I decided not to move, and to let the consequences just come. 

     I don't know if mum has told him, but if she has, this would be the first place he would look. The noise stopped, so I turned to walk home. As I stepped in the front door, I held my breath as Dave yelled at me. "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? NASTY PIECE OF SHIT! YOU THINK YOU CAN JUST LEAVE. WELL YOU CANT!" He pulled out a silver knife, and slashed my wrist.

     I yelped in pain, and tried to run to my room. But I couldn't. He grabbed my shirt and held me back, cutting again and again and again in the same place. I squirmed out of his grip, and raced to my room before he could catch me. I locked the door, and walked into my en suite in pain. Counting the number of cuts, I got out 12 plasters and carefully applied them to the wound.

     I got my pyjamas on and brushed my teeth, then jumped into bed and tried to forget about everything that had just happened. Then I remembered.

     If Dave was at the house, who was in the cave? They have stolen my one and only place I could rest, the one place I felt comfortable in. I chose to think about it in the morning though, I needed the rest after a big day.

     Waking up in the middle of the night is no change for me, I do it every night, sweating and panting from the night mares I have. But this particular morning, I knew exactly what to do. 

     I tiptoed out of bed, making sure no one could hear. Mum must be back from work now, so Dave won't do anything bad while she's around. I went to the wardrobe, and pulled down the suitcase from the top shelf. Checking everything was there, I crawled over to the window and opened it, making it creak. Damn, I thought to myself. What if someone heard? I heard shuffling, but then everything went quiet again and I hopped out, landing on the soft grass below.

    I ran down onto the fields, and out onto the road. I know exactly how to get to the cave, even though it was pitch black. I shuffled though the forest, and felt a bit of water splash on me. I was here. All was quiet, until I heard soft singing coming from the crack again. It was a bit creepy at night, but who ever it was, they were very good at it. It sounded like a boy, about my age I reckon.

     Slowly walking into the crack, I saw it was light in there. The soft voice stopped suddenly. They must have heard me, but I kept going, eager to find out who it was.

     "Hello? I called out, no one answered and I couldn't see anyone. "Hello? anyone there?" I called again. Then someone came out of the shadows, a worried look on his face.

     His blonde hair blew in the breeze, and his soft blue eyes looked deeply into mine.

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