Irresistible Love

Olivia is just a normal teenage girl, living her life at school with the friends she has always hoped to have. But no one knows her real life at home.... Livy, (Olivia) gets abused by her step dad. Her real dad got murderd when Olivia was just 7, so her mum moved on to this monster, without knowing how horrid he really is, because she is always at work. When the new boy arrives at school, she doesn't know how much her life will change.......
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4. A New Friend


      ~Nialls POV~

   I couldn't help stare at her. She was beautiful. Her dirty-blonde hair was pulled up into a messy bun, and her eyes were chocolate brown, looking deeply into mine. No Niall, don't think about this. She is too gorgeous for you. She looked up at me, and I spoke up, breaking the silence. "Umm, hello. I'm Niall!" This is so awkward.....I don't know what to say! 

"Hi, I'm Olivia." She said in her sweet voice, but I could tell she was hiding something. She had tears in her eyes, but I didn't know what to do since I had just met her. "Are you okay Olivia?" I asked, putting my arm around her shoulders. She didn't pull away, instead she leaned her head on my shoulder.

       ~Olivia's POV~

    I rested my head on his shoulder, and I could feel tears stinging my eyes. I felt like I could tell him anything, even though I had only just met him. I decided he couldn't do anything mean about it, and he seemed like a nice guy, so I let it all out. I said everything that has happened in the last three years, from dad dieing of cancer, to Dave cutting me last night. I included every single detail, while he listened closely. "I don't know what to do!" I finished. He looked into my eyes, his own filled with sadness.  He grabbed my hand and squeezed it reassuringly. "I'm so sorry." He whispered, close to tears himself. "No, I'm sorry for putting it all on you." I stood up, but Niall pulled me back down again. "Whenever you wanna talk, remember I'll always be right here for you." He said in his adorable Irish accent, then he pulled out a small piece of paper from his pocket. "Call me whenever you want." He stood up and left the cave taking his guitar with him, and smiling encouragingly back at me before he walked out. Wow, he was amazing. I thought to myself. I took out my sleeping bag from the suitcase, and lay it down on the rocky floor. May as well go to sleep now though, I have school again tomorrow. I sighed, then fell asleep.

 * * *


when I woke up again I hesitated a bit, wondering where I was. But then my eyes adjusted, and I realised  I was at my new home, the cave. I undressed out of my pjs, and bent over to have a shower in the waterfall. No one would be able to see me luckily, it had been covered by trees and bushes. I got out and dried myself with a towel, then got dressed in some tight black jeans, a navy blue hoodie, and converse (chuck taylors). No need to get dressed up for a normal school day, but I did put on a charm bracelet to impress The Divas. I didn't need breakfast, but I squeezed some toothpaste on to my toothbrush and started scrubbing my teeth. I spat in to the waterfall, and watched my bluey-pinky spit fall down, then splash into the river below. Hiding my suitcase in the forest, I made my way to school. 

      On the way I thought about Dave. He wasn't allowed to come searching for me, I was 19 and technically an adult, so I was allowed to be doing this.and why would he want me anyway? He treated me like crap. I wouldn't go back to him, never in a million years. Mum was the opposite, she would never leave him. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get her to believe me of what he was doing. She still loved him with all her heart.

      I pushed the school door open, and sensed all the people look at me and smile. I gotta admit, I was really popular at school, and I could boss anyone around as much as I wanted to, even the bad senior boys listened. Not that I ever did boss anyone around, coz I knew what it feels like to be treated like a slave. But everyone came up to me and asked me if I needed anything, so I guess they did look up to me.

      Walking over to my locker,I heard Kat call my name. "Hey Kat!" 

"Morning!" She replied in her high pitched sweet voice. "Soo....what's your first class?"

"English" I sighed, and put my books in my locker.

"oh well, at least it's not geography like me!" She laughed.

"yeah...well I gotta go. See ya at lunch!"

"k, see ya!"

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