Irresistible Love

Olivia is just a normal teenage girl, living her life at school with the friends she has always hoped to have. But no one knows her real life at home.... Livy, (Olivia) gets abused by her step dad. Her real dad got murderd when Olivia was just 7, so her mum moved on to this monster, without knowing how horrid he really is, because she is always at work. When the new boy arrives at school, she doesn't know how much her life will change.......
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6. A Little Surprise



         I sat down in Music Class just as the teacher walked in. She looked about in her late twenties- early thirties. I think I remember her from last year, Miss Ballantyne. "Good morning Class 6a!" She said in a happy voice.
     "Good morning Miss Ballantyne" we replied in our usual monotone voices. I noticed she had started talking when there was still one seat left, near the front where no one wanted to sit.
  "Okay, lets start by sitting in a circle. Everyone will go around saying what instrument/s they play, why they play it, and how long they've been playing for."
    Everyone got up and sat down on the mat in a big circle, and started saying there instruments. It got round to me, and I stated my name, instrument, why I play it and the amount of time I've been playing for. "Hi! Im Olivia, I play guitar and I kinda like singing, but I don't do lessons for it or anything. I play guitar and I sing because I enjoy doing it, and someday I want to be famous, performing worldwide. I've played since I was seven." Three turns after mine, there was a knock I'm the door. "Sorry im late, Miss." I would know those ocean blue eyes, dyed blonde hair and adorable Irish accent anywhere.

  Niall Horan.

    I put my head down on my desk, not wanting to be seen. I knew he would have lots of friends and would be a hit with the girls, so I decided to stay out of his way.
The lunch bell rung, yuss I can finally get out of here I thought. I sat down next to Lucy in the cafeteria, but it seemed she didn't want me there.
   "Eww, get away from me!" She screeched, making everyone stare. I just hoped my face wasn't as red as it felt, and I quickly stood up again.
   "No Livy, sit back down. Don't you dare talk to her like that Lucy! You dont know her at all, you never have, you never will! She deals with so much on her social and personal life, I cant believe she has let you carry on like this, so rude! Every day you do it, and we won't take it any more. I have been a bystander, when I need to be an upstander. I regret every minute that I have not done anything about it. Lets go, Olivia." Kat grabbed my hand and pulled me up, taking me over to a new table. She must have noticed my gobsmacked face, because she smiled. "I'm really sorry, I shouldn't have made such a fus-" 
"no, thankyou so much." I interrupted, pulling her into a bear hug. "You're the best friend ever!" We started eating our lunch, and I realized I was forgetting something. I looked around to see if Niall was there, and I saw him sitting over in the corner by himself.
   That's weird, I thought to myself. I expected him to be popular! I felt really mean not doing anything about it, so I decided to give him a text, something I hadn't done for three years. 
  'Hi Ni, I got a suprise 4 u!'
I looked over to him, and saw him pulling something out of his pocket. Smiling, I saw his thumbs move around the phone.
  'what is it? Luv your Ni:)'
  'meet me in the cave tonight @ 6 luv ur livy
  'anything 4 my princess:)'
I shut my phone off, I love it when he calls me his princess, and when he says he's mine, Kat stopped me.
   "Who was that?" she smirked, and I panicked.
   "Uhh....just a friend of mine!" I mumbled, barely able to get the words out of my mouth.
   "Ok, if you say so!" She said, obviously unconvinced.

   * * *

Hi! Sorry I haven't been posting alot lately, I've been really busy with lots of people over. But I hope u like this chapter! My friend told me that this story was like another really popular Fanfic called Isnt She Lovely, so I am not going to make it like that. This one will turn out completely different.
Thx for reading! You really don't know how much it means ti me when u guys say it's a great story! So thx so much!! And now, the moment we've all been waiting for....the winner if The Next FanFic!! There was so many to choose from, but there can only be one winner. And the winner is..... OneDirection2806!!!! Congratulations!!! Please check out her story, it's called Our Insane Lives and it's so good! The story I'm writing for her and about her, she will be co-writing it. It will be called One And Only (a liam payne Fanfic.) plz read it!! xx molly.1d

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