Irresistible Love

Olivia is just a normal teenage girl, living her life at school with the friends she has always hoped to have. But no one knows her real life at home.... Livy, (Olivia) gets abused by her step dad. Her real dad got murderd when Olivia was just 7, so her mum moved on to this monster, without knowing how horrid he really is, because she is always at work. When the new boy arrives at school, she doesn't know how much her life will change.......
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5. 3 years Later, First Day


3 years later

"IM GONNA KILL YOU SO BAD YOU ARE GONNA WISH YOU WERE NEVER BORN!!!!!!" He screamed at me, like I didn't already think that. I tried holding back the tears, but a whimper escaped me as I turned away from the knife. "AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I let out an ear piercing scream, and sat up, sweaty and panting in my sleeping bag. It's just a dream, it's just a dream, it's just a dream. I chanted over and over again in my head. I took a deep breath, and stood up and got dressed. It was the first day of the year, i needed to make an impression.

A pink dress caught my eye, one that had tight lace around the top, then poofed out in crinkled silk from the waist. To make it not so girly, I added navy blue Doc Martins and a black jumper with a lion on top. I plaited my hair down the side, leaving my long fringe out. A little mascara and lip balm will do, and I'm done!

Another deep breath is taken before I push open the school gates. I had gotten a letter the day before, saying I needed to go straight to the hall to get assigned to my new class, so that's where I went. Everyone turned to look at me when I came in, but then they soon went back to gossiping with there friends.

I sat down in the third row, and then the principal came in, and started telling students where to go. I am in Art with Kat, English with Lucy, and Music, Geography, Biography, and History by myself.

* A/N: hi guys! Hope you like the fanfic so far! It will get a lot better, trust me, this is just the beginning. I am going to run a competition though, and it would be great if you all could enter! So this is what the competitions going to be........

I am going to make a new One Direction fanfic, and I want one of you to be the main Character! How to enter:

Tell me who your favourite Band Member is, and what you would wear on your first date with him. Also tell me your name, and your hair colour, and eye colour. Plz tell me your personality as well, e.g. If you are shy, confident, kind, crazy, anything!!! Email your answers to me at Thx!*

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