"You should really stay away from me. I'm dangerous."

18-year-old Kaitlyn moves to a new country after tragedy hits in her old hometown. Shortly afterwards, she meets Nathan Skye, Ridgeway High's bad boy. He can't help but like her. Will the two opposites fall in love? Or will their differences get in between them?


1. One

Kaitlyn's POV

I woke up to the glorious sound of my younger brother telling at me to get my ass up.

"KATY!!!! I'm not going to tell you again. Get your lazy ass up!" Brandon yelled. Groaning, I sat up, running fingers through my tangled hair. After mustering the courage to get out of bed, I managed to get my clothes and step into the shower. Letting the water heat my goosebumped skin, I grabbed the shampoo and squeezed a fairly decent glob into my hands. I washed my favorite vanilla shampoo into my hair and washed my body.

Twenty minutes later, I was applying a small amount of makeup. I was wearing this outfit and my wavy hair was pulled back into a low ponytail except for my side bangs, which hung loosely curled down the sides of my face. I quickly put my earrings in and grabbed my backpack.

"Brandon! Let's go! We don't wanna be late!" I yelled, putting on my Uggs.

"I'm coming, I'm coming. I hate it when you can get ready faster than me." Brandon pouted, hopping on one foot, trying to put on his shoe with the other one in his hand.

"Let's just go." I laughed, watching him walk outside with one shoe on. Using the remote, I unlocked the car before tossing the keys to him. He caught it in one quick swift motion before sliding into the car while I got into the passenger seat.

A while later, we arrived at Ridgeway High. I got out and followed Brandon.

"Kaitlyn, hey!!!" Alexia yelled. I glanced up and saw her barreling toward me.

"Hey, Alexia. How was your date last night with Hayden?" I asked knowingly. She blushed, and started telling me in detail what they did together.

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