Short horror stories

I don't know if anyone else has seen the two sentence horror stories, but I did, and decided to expand on these. I'll put the original prompt at the bottom of each page. THESE IDEAS ARE NOT MINE, I AM MERELY EXPANDING ON THEM.


2. Story time

"Read another one, Daddy! Read another one!" I watch as my son bounces up and down on his bed, carrying armfuls of books in his hands. The bed creaks as he does so.

"Ok, ok mate. Last one. Which one do you want?" He momentarily pauses, looking at the books, before finally selecting one. The rest fall the floor, forgotten, and he holds out the book. I take it from his hands, and read the title.

"Mr Jelly and the Pirates?" I look up at his eager little face. "Are you sure you want this one?" He nods earnestly, and I open the book, beginning to read.

"Mr Jelly is the most nervous person you will ever meet. The slightest thing will send him into a panic. Even the sound of the wind in the trees will make him..." My sons eyes automatically close, and within seconds, his breathing takes a slow, steady rhythm. I pause for a few seconds, but he doesn't stir, so I place the book down and leave.

My hand is just resting on the handle, whenI hear his voice again, softly and sleepily.

"Daddy," he barely whispers. "Can you check for monsters under the bed?" I chuckle, and turn round.

"All right. But then, straight to sleep." I smile.

"I know you didn't finish the story." He tells me.

"Maybe tomorrow then." I say, needing down to look under the bed.

I lift the sheets which hang slightly over the bed. At first, I see nothing, just dust and forgotten toys.

"Is there anything there, Daddy?"

"Nope. Nothing. Completely monster-free."

I begin to straighten up, when something catches my eye. Right in the darkest corner, a tiny body sits, shaking. His head turns to me, and I see the unmistakable blue of my son's eyes.

"Daddy," he whispers. "Daddy, there's someone on my bed."

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