The New Me

Mandy has always admired her big sister, Ellen. But when Mandy goes to stay with her uncle for the weekend, that weekend will really change her life forever!


7. Uncle Martin

Mandy got into the car and started to ask her uncle questions.  Questions like " what's your house like" and "do you have waiters and servants and a cook and..."  Mandy was right, because when she got to her uncles house she knew she was right.  "How many floors does your house have!" Said Mandy very surprised how big his house was looking out the window "all together, 6 floors, it's a 7 bed room, has 5 living rooms and I don't have servants and maids but I have a house keeper." Said her uncle Martin. Mandy got out of the car and opened the door to her uncles massive house. Inside there was a very,very,very,very fancy chandler. There was also a big set of stairs.  "Your bedroom is on the 3rd floor on the right, ok go and unpack." said her uncle Martin.  So Mandy went up and tried to find her room, Mandy tried one on the right and there was a lady with tight hair and glasses, she said "what are you doing here, this isn't your room, go away." So Mandy went into the next room and on the door it said GUEST ROOM. So she went and packed her stuff all away Into the wardrobe and drawers. That day all she did was look out the window with rain drops rolling down it looking at Big Ben or start to sketch all the things she could see out the window.  She started to sketch instead of Big Ben or something, she drew her and Ellen. That afternoon Mandy got soooooooo tired so she had a little rest. Mandy heard her uncles voice coming out of a speaker, he said "get down here for dinner" Mandy sat in her bed yawning "NOW" he said.  So Mandy went down for dinner and sat down at the table. There was only two people at the table with no food, "where is she, we're hungry"said her uncle Martin "Annabelle , hurry up with the dinner" he said.  The lady who was in that room earlier came out with bowls of chicken, cheese and loads of other things. Then she came out with some bread to make whatever sandwich you want. After she came out with two bowls of spaghetti. Uncle Martin was gobbling it up very fast and Mandy was playing about with her food. "We'll eat up, we have a very busy day tommorrw"

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