The New Me

Mandy has always admired her big sister, Ellen. But when Mandy goes to stay with her uncle for the weekend, that weekend will really change her life forever!


6. To the train station

The next day Mandy got ready for the train station. "Mandy,you'll miss the train, come down" said her mum.  Mandy came down stairs and got into the car for the train station.  When they got to the train station Mandy's mum said,"ok you can call me any time, and brush your teeth every night ok" her mum said nearly crying from Mandy going on the train by herself.  "I'll be fine mum, don't worry" said Mandy.  Mandy got onto the train "bye mum I'll miss you" shouted Mandy out of the train window "I love you"whispered her mum into herself.  Mandy went and got her seat and sat down.  There was a little girl and boy who hardly ever talked to Mandy, they didn't even say there names.  "Hi, I'm Mandy, what's your names!"said Mandy in a very cheerful voice "I'm called Sarah,and I'm called Tim" they said in very low and mean voices ,unlike Mandy did.  "Those are nice names"Mandy said in a very cheerful voice again.  The little girl had short plaits with a hat and the little boy had a hat aswell.  When it was their stop Mandy saw the little girl rolling her eyes "rude"said Mandy very quietly, Mandy saw them out the window and a women looked at them and took them with them in her car.  Mandy had to sit by herself so she didn't have anyone to talk to and she got out a book.  When she heard her stop being called out from the speakers above her seat she got her bag and went outside and sat on a bench waiting on her uncle Martin.  Mandy sat on the wooden bench for 10,20, half an hour!  Then she saw a very extraordinary,brilliant and fancy car coming down the road.  A man looked out of the window, he said "are you Mandy Richmond"not recognising her because he hadn't seen her since she was a baby, Mandy had saw photos though of him,"yes" said Mandy surprised that he didn't remember her.  "I've been expecting you, your mum said to me could you stay in my home, well come on get in, do you want to come or not" her uncle Martin said. 

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