The New Me

Mandy has always admired her big sister, Ellen. But when Mandy goes to stay with her uncle for the weekend, that weekend will really change her life forever!


4. The surprise party

It was only about eleven in the morning so the time we got every thing ready it would be about lunch.  So Mandy got started on the decorations,her mum started baking the cake and her grandad called all her grans friends.  Mandy's grans friends came, the cake was ready in time and Mandy got all the decorations up.  When all the friends came every body hid, when Mandy's gran came downstairs everybody jumped up and yelled"surprise" her gran was really surprised and Mandy was in a very good mood now. "What a lovely surprise, and just for me oh thank you so much everyone" Mandy,her gran,all her grans friends, Mandy's mum and her grandad all went and played some games and then the had a little chat and then they all had the cake and went home.  At the end of the party Mandy was so tired but had to take down the decorations and her mum did the dishes.  "Gran did you have a good party, me mum, and grandad all planned it.  I hope you liked it"said Mandy.  "Oh Mandy, of course I loved it, this has been the best birthday ever"said Mandy's gran. Mandy was in a good mood all day after the party. Mandy thought about her birthday last year, she also thought about Ellen's birthday "I hope I could have a birthday like that this year on my birthday" Mandy thought"it would be the best birthday for me, it would beat grans by a mile"Ellen's birthday had all of her friends over, had a ginormous cake and had loads of fun, Mandy was ten at the time now this year she is coming twelve.  Mandy loved all of Ellen's party because she got to meet all of her friends, which are really nice as well.  Ellen came 19 last year, even though she is a teenager she still has a lot of fun with Mandy.  That night Mandy thought about her next birthday party, (by the way did I tell you Mandy is sleeping over in her grans house) she thought she would have a three layer cake,all her friends from her class over and a brilliant birthday present.  Ellen would definately be there.

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