The New Me

Mandy has always admired her big sister, Ellen. But when Mandy goes to stay with her uncle for the weekend, that weekend will really change her life forever!


5. The secret

The next day Mandy went downstairs to get some breakfast. Mandy was very tired from the big party yesterday. When Mandy sat down at the table gran went and got all our breakfast's " oh mum it's your birthday I'll make the breakfast's"said Mandy's mum.  So she went and made the breakfast.  After breakfast they didn't really did anything so Mandy just went and drew in her sketch book, this time she drew,all her family, Ellen, her, her mum and her gran and grandad. Then she drew her whole home town.  Then after that she drew her at school outside playing with all her friends.  When she started to get a bit hungry she went down to the kitchen.  When she was walking past the living room she thought the adults were talking about her. she went back to hear,she heard "I just hope that the same thing doesn't happens to Mandy as it did to me" said her mum.  "don't worry"said Mandy's gran "it'll be fine.  She'll go to her uncle Martins and have a good time" "she's right don't worry"said Mandy's grandad "yes, that would be best,she'll just go and have a good time"said her mum.  What's this secret Mandy thought. Well I'll find out in a couple of days thought Mandy. Mandy went in and got an apple from the fruit bowl in the kitchen.  After she had the apple she ran straight upstairs an started to write a letter to Ellen about this secret.  She wrote "Ellen, I over heard mum talking about a secret and I think it has something to do with me going to uncles Martins, I wish you were here.  You would make this a lot better ,love Mandy" Mandy thought that writing a letter is better than just calling Ellen on her phone.  "When I get home I'll have to start packing, then I'll have to start calling Uncle Martin to see what we're going to be doing, then I'm going to have to start worrying about the train about booking the seats and everything." Thought Mandy.  Mandy really didn't want to go to her Uncle Martins.  "Mandy come on we're going home now" Mandy heard from downstairs.

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