The New Me

Mandy has always admired her big sister, Ellen. But when Mandy goes to stay with her uncle for the weekend, that weekend will really change her life forever!


8. The boring job

After Mandy had finished her dinner she went upstairs and went to bed. The next day her uncles voice once again out of the little speaker. "Mandy, get up"he said in a very un pleasent voice "we have a busy day.  Did you hear me, get up... NOW" so Mandy very lazily got up and drooped over to her wardrobe to get dressed. Over breakfast her uncle Martin had a coversation about what they were going to do today, he said "So I'm going to give you a tour of the house after breakfast and take you to my work where you won't get into trouble, where is she ,she is so slow at cooking" and as soon as the house keeper heard those words come out of his mouth in the kitchen she quickly poured milk into the two big bowls of cornflakes and raspberries and sprinted out to the dining room making her tight bun in her hair bob up and down like a yo-yo. "Finally you got the breakfast ready before lunch starts"said her uncle and they started to eat. Once they both had finished her uncle told her "go and put on the best clothes you brought and wash up" so Mandy went and looked through her wardrobe and found a dark purple dress, pair of cream tights and a pair of black pumps with ribbons on the ends of them, Mandy went over to the dressing table took het brush and started to brush her hair until there were no knots. Her mum had packed these clothes in case they went out to a classy resteraunt she has a dress to wear.  Mandy went downstairs where her uncle was waiting at the bottom of the stairs  to take her for a tour of the house. "You took your time.   I have to give you a tour of the house."said her uncle. So he started with the first floor and then second floor , then third, but on the fourth floor Mandy asked her uncle "what's in there" she said "you must never go in there" then they went to the fifth and sixth. When they got back to the first floor Mandy's uncle said "so that was the tour, ok now you are going to come to my job at the bank" so they got into the car and drove of to the giant local bank that her uncle Martin worked in. When they walked in they could only see men in suits and  women with black dresses on. "I'm going to my office now just threw those doors" said her uncle pointing to to double doors down the corridor "now come with me" and they went threw those big double doors and he sat down in a chair beside the window sill. "Just stay here and don't move." He said.  They sat there for hours and hours and hours while Mandy made paper airplanes throwing them at her Uncle Martin with him not even noticing.  A few hours later her uncle finally got up out to his chair grabbed his coat and said "ok time to go" "it's nearly dinner time" so Mandy got straight up and ran out the double doors. The floor was very slippy and there was a man with files of paper above his head and Mandy couldn't stop so she banged into the man making him fall straight to the ground!  Then she slipped and sliding straight out the door where there was two men carrying  a wedding cake banged right into the cake sending a big slice into the air messing up her uncles face. "Am I in trouble" she said

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