The New Me

Mandy has always admired her big sister, Ellen. But when Mandy goes to stay with her uncle for the weekend, that weekend will really change her life forever!


3. Next stop Grans house

When her mum  came out of the shop she got straight into the car because she really wanted to see Mandy's gran. When we got there her mum said "this is it Mandy grans house, come on get out" she said in a very nice cheerful voice.  "Grans house is tiny, how could four people all fit in this house at the onetime Me,gran,grandad and mum, this will not work" Mandy thought.  Mandy's gran came out of the door "Alice" said her gran (P.S Mandy's mum is called Alice) "mum, happy birthday"said Mandy's mum "Mandy you've got so big, come in, come in"said her gran. Mandy and her mum stepped into the house. It didn't look small inside, Mandy's grandad was sitting on the sofa watching football "dad"said Mandy's mum "how are you" "what I didn't hear you"said her grandad "how are you" her mum said much louder. "Oh I'm doing fine don't worry about me"said Mandy's grandad. Mandy went up to her room (the room that she stays in if she is sleeping over) and of course she had brought her sketch pad so she started to draw while down stairs the adults were talking. When Mandy was finished drawing she went downstairs because she was hungry she went into the kitchen were the adults were, "Hi hon, hungry, dinners going to be ready soon, are you in a good mood now"said her mum to Mandy "yeah sort of, I'm ok" said Mandy and went up stairs since dinner was nearly ready.  Mandy didn't know what was going to happen at uncle Martin's but she thinks its going to be bad.  If Ellen would come it wouldn't be bad whatever happens,Mandy thinks nothing bad happens if Ellen's there.  "Mandy come down stairs I need to talk to you" Mandy came down stairs "Mandy, while grans taking a long nap we're grandads throwing a suprise party,we'll get all her friends over grandad knows them, we'll get decorations,a cake everything.  Mandy really wasn't in the mood for a party but she just got everything ready to make gran happy, not her.   

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