The New Me

Mandy has always admired her big sister, Ellen. But when Mandy goes to stay with her uncle for the weekend, that weekend will really change her life forever!


2. Ellen's phone call

The next day Mandy phoned Ellen very early in the morning,as soon as she woke up.  "Ellen, are you there" "Ellen" Mandy said.  "Mandy what are you doing its 4 in the morning" Ellen said back through the phone.  "Ellen I was looking to talk to you,I'm going to uncle Martin next week" said Mandy.  " oh uncle Martin is horrible" said Ellen with a very tired voice " I know, I was wondering if you could ask your boss if you could have a day off, and you could come to spend the week with me at uncle Martins" said Mandy " oh Mandy I couldn't,I'm so sorry but I just can't " said Ellen and the line went dead. A few hours later after a good sleep Mandy went downstairs for breakfast. " what do you want for breakfast honey" said her mum in a very cheerful voice.  "I'll get my own cornflakes mum" she thought.  So she  didn't answer and just went and got her own corn flakes.  " your in a bad mood today"said her mum. " your in a good mood today" said Mandy "I know, it's grans birthday today and just before you go to uncle Martins we're going to the country side to see Gran!".  The next thing she knew her mum got her in the car and went for a long journey. Mandy didn't talk for a long while so her mum said"do you want me to put the radio on, it might cheer you up" Mandy didn't think anything would cheer her up "no mum I'm fine" said Mandy "there might be a good song on"said her mum so she put on the radio.  "Here's a very good song I like this" said her mum.  While the song went on mum had a phone call "hello, hi Ellen what's going on" said her mum "Ellen, mum let me talk to her!" said Mandy "she's only looking one wee thing Mandy " said her mum, she put the phone down. " Ellen said to tell you Mandy that she asked her boss if she could come but something has come up" said her mum.  Mandy didn't talk for the rest of the trip. "We're nearly here Mandy, I just need to stop at the shop to get some things you stay in the car" said her mum. "I wish we could just stay home" Mandy thought.

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