Academy of The Fallens

The city of The Fallens was used to scare small children, if they disobeyed their parents. Every mortal had heard of the miserable monsters drowning in the evil darkness. Whenever a mortal found out on their 16th that they were a part of The Fallens, most parents disowned their own flesh and blood. The city of The Fallens was a very special city. It was closed off to the humans’ world. If the parents of a fallen child wished to visit their child, they were allowed into the city, but if The Fallens stepped one foot out of the city, consequences would appear.

When Elyssa Salem finds her true self, her family turns their backs on her, except for her big sister Abby Salem, though their parents bands Abby from seeing the miserable Elyssa. The only friends Elyssa makes at the Academy of The Fallens are Valerie Jett, Elias Grant and Hannah Vail, even though she’d rather be with the closed off, tempered, cold and unbelievably handsome looking Asher Gotham.


1. Introduction




First day of school had never been fun to me. I could understand it if people were about to attend a real and normal college, but not today. This wasn’t a normal college, this was hell; minus the red devil with horns and a pointy tail. I was confused and lonely, probably because my family had practically disowned my behind, because of the unknown faith, until yesterday.  I mean, I didn’t even get to pack my stuff and explain to my parents that even though my destiny had chosen a dark future for me, I was still the same awkward Elyssa Salem with an obsession with butterflies and home-made apple pies.

Every Fallen came from a normal family from a normal place. That is if you can call the world normal. It’s far from normal. It’s bizarre. Humans are weird. I mean, this is Earth. Things like these shouldn’t even happen on here, but in fantasy books written by supernatural-loving authors. This wasn’t supposed to happen. To any of us. I wasn’t the only one with this destiny. Every year one hundred 16 years old boys and girls combined all over the world gets chosen by faith to be one of the many Fallens.

It’s in our gene. Nobody knows who it’s going to be, we just wait until we turn 16 and then wait and see. If the gene skips you, you get to live a normal life just like my sister. You get to keep your friends, stay with your family, get a boyfriend, get married and have kids. And of course die happily, knowing that you’ve lived a normal, peaceful life. If you actually get the gene, like I did, you lose it all. No more normal friends, no more family, no boyfriends who can text you goodnight, no marriage and no children.

It didn’t turn out well for me. I was one of those who lost it all. But my sister kind of accepted my future even though my parents banned her from even breathing my way. Though I would like it very much if I wasn’t even in this place. It looked shady as heck. 

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