Chantelle is a girl who doesn't follow rules. She likes to travel the less traveled path. She doesn't fall IN LOVE. Never has, never will. Period. She doesn't have these things called "feelings". She's single but will never admit it. She's in a relationship with fun and freedom. There's just one thing many people don't know. She's Harry Styles' twin sister. When her brother comes home for the summer with the boys what'll happen? Will she fall for their boyish charms? Or will she remain the way she is? Or neither and she changes completely? Find out in Rebel.


54. When you're gone

Niall's POV

I cried my heart out. I don't care how loud my cries were. I wanted everyone to hear how much I was hurt. Maybe I wanted to show the people who were against us how much she meant to me. But that was stupid, they're all over the world and I'm in this little dark room, soaking my pillow with my tears. I grabbed my iPhone with my shaky hand. I opened Twitter and the first thing I saw was a tweet about how Chance and I were all wrong for each other. I scrolled past, finding more hate tweets until I found what I was looking for. Someone who wanted this for me.

@NiallOfficial You and Chance are like the dream couple! My OTP! (One True Pair) I love you guys forever, never break up, or you'll break my heart. #truelove #Nance  

I cried harder. I cough as I typed a reply.

@IloveNance Looks like that makes both of us. Chance and I have ended things unfortunately.

I cried at the tweet. I couldn't tweet it. Not yet. I erased everything.

@IloveNance It's over.


@IloveNance I love her too. But she's gone.


@IloveNance :'(

I tapped tweet. Sometimes a picture could explain more than a sentence ever could. The door creaked open. I hoped with everything in me it was Chance. I looked over, it was Zayn. He sat down beside my body, looking down at me. I continued to stare at the wall. I miss Chance. I love Chance. He ran his fingers through my hair. Chance used to love to do that. I miss her green eyes and unruly curls. I miss her petite body. I miss her cuddles, her laugh, her smile. Those dimples. I miss her lame jokes that still made me laugh. I even miss her arguments with Zayn. "It'll be okay mate." I sighed. "you'll be fine." He cooed. I won't be fine Zayn. "You'll get over her, I mean I don't even know what you saw in that annoying little brat but -" I cut him off, pushing his hand away. He stood up, and I stood up too. He was taller but doesn't mean I was scared to take him. "She is not a spoiled brat. Take it back." He sighed. "I'm sorry. I misspoke, she's a great, great, great, liar." He glared down at me. I grabbed his collar and slammed him against the wall. "Take it back." I growled. He laughed loudly. "You don't get it do you?" I glared at him through the slits my eyes had made. "She never loved you! Look at the shit she's put you through! She never had any fucking feelings for you! She's probably in Atlanta having the time of her life cause she's single like she wanted to be. Niall she has you wrapped around her finger! She never loved you and never will -" I didn't want to hear anymore. I punched him square in the face. The impact hurt my knuckles as they turned red. I looked at Zayn who had crumbled to the floor. He cried out in pain and I heard the boys' footsteps echo through the house. They burst into the room, light flowing into the dark room. They huddled around Zayn. Except Harry, he walked over to me.

"Niall you know violence is never the answer." I rolled my eyes. "We need to get you to the hospital Zayn." I heard Louis mumble. I brushed past Harry and over to the others. I looked down at Zayn. The light beaming into the room let me get a proper look at his beaten face. The area around his nose had turned purple and blood flowed continuously out his nose. I didn't feel guilty at all he got what he deserved. They helped Zayn up. "Harry stay here with Niall. We'll be back as soon as possible." Liam explained and walked out.

"You think it's broken?" I ask. "What, his nose?" I nod. "Most likely." A sick smile spreads across my face. "Good." I grabbed my iPhone and fell back onto my bed, as Harry exited leaving me alone. The person had replied to my tweet along with other people. But one tweet caught my eye.

@NiallOfficial did u hear? Chance was mobbed today at the mall, some screamed death threats while others defended her and your relationship. The fandom has really split in half. I personally support you guys, even though things are over. Please just get back together.

Love Margret xx

@Margretloves1D No I didn't hear that, I'm pretty upset that she got mobbed she didn't need that. She doesn't deserve that. It makes me happy to know there were people actually supporting us. But you know there isn't any us anymore. It makes me pretty sad to know that our girls who were best friends just turned against each other just because I was dating someone who makes me happy. I wish we'd get back together, but I don't think that'll happen.

I pressed the tweet button and scrolled past some other tweets until I met a terrible tweet.

@NiallOfficial I'm actually glad you ended things with that bitch. She was downright nastay. Like bitch get the fuck out. Dat ugley bitch needs a lifey like ew, your gross. Nastay ass bitch. Ain't no one love you. And Niall sure ain't ned you. @ChanceStyles your nastay.

I rolled my eyes.

@Imamazayn I'm not glad actually. First go back to fucking kindergarten and learn how to fucking spell bitch. Take your own advice and get the fuck off. Also it's you're as in you are stupid. Your shows possession. As in your twitter account needs to be deleted. Lastly, your twitter name is as wrong as it gets. Goodbye basic.

I tapped tweet feeling satisfied. I hopped out of bed, walking downstairs to find Harry watching TV. "Hazza I'm heading to the pub, wanna tag along?" He stared at me with a worried look. I shook him off. "Don't come then." He hopped up quickly, smiling innocently. I laughed and exited the house with Harry. It was a short walk in the warm air to the pub that was full of life. I pushed the door open and the bartender smiled at me. I smiled back, wow customer service is great here. We sat on stools and the bartender walked over to us. "It's good to see you again Harry, been awhile hasn't it?" I raised my eyebrow, he knew Harry? "Hey Derek. Look just help out my mate Niall here. He's just gone through a code red." He nodded and ran off grabbing drinks I've never seen in my life. "Ha-" Harry shushed me.

Derek passed me the drink. It was green, the green of Harry's eyes. The green of Chance's eyes. I held back the tears. "Nialler, drink up." I nodded, and tried to stop my hands from shaking as I lifted the glass to my lips. I took a sip and I put it back down. The tiny sip I took burned in my throat and my stomach as my body tingled. I shook my head at the pint. "C'mon Niall. CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!" The boys cheered me on. I shook my head, no. "What are you chicken?" Derek teased. "Yeah Niall, I've never seen you turn down a drink. Ever. Have you gone soft?" That comment really got to me. I grabbed the drink and chugged it down. The boys cheered me on. I put the glass down. I felt dizzy and the room started to spin. "Hit me again." My voice was hoarse at how harsh the drink was. He poured me more. I chugged it down even faster than the last. "Again." Derek hesitated but handed me another. I gulped it down and I knew I was more than drunk as my vision started to blur. "A-a-another." I slurred. "Niall. no." I rolled my eyes. "I said. G-Give me a-a-another one!" I raised my voice. Derek look panicked at my reaction but I couldn't totally read his expression, as my vision wasn't as clear as I'd like it to be. He put it down in front of me. I grabbed it and chugged it down. I stood up and a wave of dizziness washed over me. My knees went weak and I fell to the ground. "Niall." Harry groaned helping me up. "Let's go mate, you're fucked." I pushed him away, and he fell backwards hitting another guy in his back. From there things went downhill. The big guy spilt his drink all over the girl he was chatting up and in return she slapped him in his face storming out of the pub. He turned to Harry, he didn't look happy. He sent a fast punch at Harry who toke it straight to the face. He fell to the ground with a 'THUD'. I stumbled over to Harry. He held his jaw, I saw the blue-purple mark starting to form on his right side. "Shit Harry." Derek sighed. The big guy walked away, satisfied.  "HEY! YOU CAN'T JUST HIT MY BEST MATE THEN WALK AWAY!" I screamed after him. He turned to me and towered above me. He grabbed a glass. I stared him down. This man can't do shit. He smashed the glass to my head and I fell to the floor. Derek jumped over the counter coming to my side. Harry examined me too. "Niall are you okay?" Derek asked. "Pussy." I blacked out.


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