Chantelle is a girl who doesn't follow rules. She likes to travel the less traveled path. She doesn't fall IN LOVE. Never has, never will. Period. She doesn't have these things called "feelings". She's single but will never admit it. She's in a relationship with fun and freedom. There's just one thing many people don't know. She's Harry Styles' twin sister. When her brother comes home for the summer with the boys what'll happen? Will she fall for their boyish charms? Or will she remain the way she is? Or neither and she changes completely? Find out in Rebel.


33. Very pretty

Niall's POV

I sniffled and took my eyes off Chance's still body. The walls were bleak and empty. Like me. The artificial light buzzed above us. My hand holding hers. It's been three days, and no response. "Chance, babe. I really need you." I whisper. The doctor told us she couldn't hear but, I still talked to her. The boys had long given up on Chance. Harry said, the earlier we give up the more time we get to recover. He wanted to pull the plug but I never let him, he's already looking at funeral homes. I refuse to give up. I won't give up. "Please come back." I feel the tears in my eyes. I attempt to blink them away but they just stream down my cheek. Christina, Chance's nurse walked in. She frowned. "Niall, it's time." She whispers. "No, no. It can't be." I shake my head. Tears streaming down my face. They can't pull the plug! I watched as she walked over to the plug that kept the Life Support thingy working. "Wait! Let me say goodbye first." She sighs, nodding and walking out. "Chance, I'm gonna need you to wake up. Like now. Please." I held her hand tightly. I cried harder. I did something I didn't do ever. I climbed into the bed beside her, wrapping my arms around her waist. I shut my eyes holding her close, crying. I tried taking in her scent but it was no use. She smelt of the hospital. Latex-free gloves, sanitizer and a hint of death. I choked on my tears as I cried harder. "Please princess. Come back." I sobbed. I shut my eyes tight. She can't be gone. I  looked down at her pale neck. I remember when I used to put love bites all over it. I adjusted myself and began sucking on her neck. It was silent until I heard a moan. I continued. "Ni-Niall, stop." I jumped away from Chance's body. I stared at her and she stared right back. She blinked. "You're alive." I gasp. She pulls the mask off her face. "That's better." She coughed. Christina walked back in and stared at us shocked. "Chantelle you're awake." She smiled. Chance just nodded. "I told you she'd come back." I wink. She winks back. "Uh, we gotta do a few tests so the doctor will be here shortly as soon as that is done you can go home." She winked at me, but it wasn't a silly one it was a flirty one. I just smiled at her. She was pretty. Very pretty.



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