Chantelle is a girl who doesn't follow rules. She likes to travel the less traveled path. She doesn't fall IN LOVE. Never has, never will. Period. She doesn't have these things called "feelings". She's single but will never admit it. She's in a relationship with fun and freedom. There's just one thing many people don't know. She's Harry Styles' twin sister. When her brother comes home for the summer with the boys what'll happen? Will she fall for their boyish charms? Or will she remain the way she is? Or neither and she changes completely? Find out in Rebel.


69. The Ex

Niall's POV

I laughed at the joke Chance told. We sat in the screening room just laughing at random things. I was having such a good time, my cheeks were hurting. I hate to admit it, but I'm somewhat tricking her into falling for me, seeing how much fun she has with me compared to her boyfriend who can only offer sex, I'm probably better than him anyway. It fell silent. "Hey Chance." She looked over at me with those green eyes. I smiled. "I missed this." She blushed. She opened her mouth to say something but her obnoxious 'best friend' walked in telling her that she was waiting for her with some other boys in her room. Chance stood up smiling, waving her off. She leaned down, inches from my lips, "don't tell anyone, but you were always my favourite." She winked and walked away. I sat there to think about what just happened. What did happen? I was so bloody close to kissing her but I didn't go for it. I'm such an idiot.


Chance walked downstairs with her 'friends' as Harry and I got our shoes on to leave. "Hey where you guys going?" She looks confused, as she watches us carefully. I stand up straight, and try my best not to glare at that boy who she told me was her boyfriend, Calum was his name. I don't like him. I gave him a cold stare, he did right back. "Dad wants us to run a few errands for Sandra." Harry smiles. Chance nods looking awfully awkward. "Hey I don't think we've met. I'm Luke, these are my best mates Ashton, Michael, Calum, and the ever famous Roxanne." Roxanne flipped her hair. I smiled, she winked back and I could feel my cheeks heat up. "I'm Harry and this is Niall." He smiles. "So Niall, has anyone told you you're really sexy?" Roxanne winked. "I believe Chantelle here has told me things along those lines." I smiled as Calum's jaw dropped. "What are you talking about?" Ashton asks. "They used to date." Harry answers for me. "Wait is that why you didn't tell me who he was on our date? Cause you didn't want me to know he was your ex?" Calum turns to Chance.

"That was-" he cut her off. "So when exactly did you plan on telling me the truth about him?" She opened her mouth to say something but nothing cane out. Calum opened the door and slammed it behind him. Chance stood there in shock, her hands in her hair. "Hey Niall pass me your phone." I passed her my iPhone and she did something and handed it back. "Call me." Chance gasped. "Sorry babe he's hot and Irish." Roxanne shrugged walking out. "That's not cool, lying to him like that." Ashton shook his head walking out. The others left and it was just us. I sighed, I felt bad that I was slowly ruining Chance's life. "Chance I-" she cut me off. "Don't you errands to run." She turned around and walked back upstairs.

"C'mon mate." Harry grabbed my arm, pulling me out of the house locking the door behind him. We hopped into one of the dark Escalades, the windows tinted. I couldn't get that look Chance gave me before she left. It was the same look I saw when I flirted with that nurse. It was a mixture if sadness, hurt, anger so many strong emotions, she looked like she was gonna cry but she never shed a tear. So far getting Chance back has not been going the best.

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