Chantelle is a girl who doesn't follow rules. She likes to travel the less traveled path. She doesn't fall IN LOVE. Never has, never will. Period. She doesn't have these things called "feelings". She's single but will never admit it. She's in a relationship with fun and freedom. There's just one thing many people don't know. She's Harry Styles' twin sister. When her brother comes home for the summer with the boys what'll happen? Will she fall for their boyish charms? Or will she remain the way she is? Or neither and she changes completely? Find out in Rebel.


67. starting fresh

Louis' POV

I laughed along with the boys at the movie. I forgot what it was called, but it was hilarious! Suddenly the movie shut off. "HEY!" We all whined, Chance walked into the screening room, standing in front of the giant screen. She smiled but she looked worn out. "Alright boys listen up and you get the movie back." She said, I exchanged glances with the other boys. "I realize that I can't just ignore you all while you stay here. So I'm saying that we form a truce, you know a clean slate. So what do you say?" We all stay silent. Suddenly Harry, squeals and throws himself at Chance. I watched as he hugged her tight kissing her cheek multiple times. "We'll do it." She smiled. "Alright, well I'll see you later." She attempted to leave, but Niall called after her. "Watch the movie with us." She smiled, her eyes weren't as bright as they usually are, she was defiantly tired. "I can't I have a lot of things to do." Zayn laughed. "like what? Lay it on us. You couldn't be busier than us." She smirked, her hands on her hips. "Let's see, I have to help my new stepmom out by picking out colours and stuff for the nursery, did I tell you? We're having a boy. Then I have to help my best friend Roxanne pick out a dress for her mom's wedding, then I have to help plan a friend of mine's birthday party, then I have a date to go on. Is that enough work? Oh yeah and I have work tomorrow at 6 AM." I blinked. "Wow, we only have to do three half hour interview starting at 2 PM." I explained. She giggled and walked out and the movie started again.

Harry's POV

I was so happy I couldn't even focus on the movie. I had my sister back, YAY! I flipped my hair as they got in my eyes. I decided that while I was in the house I'd leave it down. I couldn't help the smile that was plastered on my face, Chance and I had patched things up, I had her back. I feel whole again. Like I was only half a man without her.

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