Chantelle is a girl who doesn't follow rules. She likes to travel the less traveled path. She doesn't fall IN LOVE. Never has, never will. Period. She doesn't have these things called "feelings". She's single but will never admit it. She's in a relationship with fun and freedom. There's just one thing many people don't know. She's Harry Styles' twin sister. When her brother comes home for the summer with the boys what'll happen? Will she fall for their boyish charms? Or will she remain the way she is? Or neither and she changes completely? Find out in Rebel.


26. I'm gonna fight your battle

Harry's POV

My body was numb. The pool of red was making nauseas. Knowing it belonged to my little sister who was pale, her cheeks losing it's familiar pink. She was dying. If not already dead. I'd have to hold a funeral. I couldn't go on with One Direction. She was the whole reason I did it. She pushed me to sign up for X-Factor. Without her I'd be stuck working in that bakery. There was a loud bang from the front of the house and there was pure screams and things being shouted at us as they placed Chance on a stretcher. They quickly checked her vital signs. "She's breathing." They nod and push her out the door. "Um, we better follow them." Liam suggests. Every walks out and hops into the van. I stay silent. "Guys it was an acc-" Niall cut him off. "You better hope Chance wakes up, or your next." He glared. I'll never understand Niall. First he's crying his eyes out, then he's quiet, next he's all mad, lastly there's the sorrow and quiet Niall that puts up his walls and locks the world out. I just really hope that last stage doesn't happen. It took ages for him to let everyone in. "Harry, you understand. Right?" I looked up at him. I kept my mouth shut. I couldn't bare to look at him so I looked out the window. We breezed past with the ambulance in front the Police behind. Liam pulled into a parking spot and we all kinda just sat in the car. It was dark outside, the light over our car, making all our features visible. I sighed. Like that we all climbed out the van and walked in the hospital.

I screwed my face up as the intoxicating smell of latex-free gloves and sanitizer hit me. I hated hospitals. They gave me bad feelings. I always thought of the worse whenever we have to visit this hell hole. We walked up to the desk and Liam talked to them. I strolled past the faux wood desk and walked into the bleak waiting room. I sat in the small uncomfortable chair. My bum was already hurting. I leaned back, my arms on the armrests. I shut my eyes. She'll be alright. She's a fighter. She's eighteen Harry. She can fight a battle, look how many she fought for you!


"What's wrong mop head?! You gonna cry for your mommy?!" An orange-haired freckled boy teased, his gang of friends behind him, ganging on me. I wanted to cry. I sniffled as tears were about to start flowing.

"Hey! Leave him alone freckle face!" I looked up to find Chance standing up to him. For the age of nine, he were pretty aggressive. They were both in each others face.

"I'm so scared of a eight year old!" He teased, shoving her. She took a step back to where she stood.

"I dare you to try that again." Her voice was ice cold. I was surprised she could be like this. He shoved her again, but harder. She fell to the ground. I thought she was gonna cry but instead she kicked him in his knee.

I gasped as the boy fell to the ground crying. "Don't mess with my family." She took my hand and pulled me away from the scene.


Even as children, she was fighting my battles. Maybe this one time, I should fight hers. I got up and stood up in front of everyone. "Louis I don't understand." He looks up. "Why's you take out that gun anyway?! It's just a girl! Was it really worth taking someone's life over!" "But Olivia could ha-" I cut him off. "Did she die?" "No bu-" I cut him off once again. "But nothing! Now Chance is probably dead!" I scream. "Harry don't think so ne-" "DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!" I screamed, Liam jumped back. "Harry I feel bad, I -" "You should! You killed my sister!" "Harry! Stop that! She's not dead!" Niall jumped up. "JUST BLOODY WELL FACE IT! SHE'S NOT COMING BACK!" I screamed. Niall began crying. Now I felt bad. When Chance fought my battles did she always feel this bad?  


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