Chantelle is a girl who doesn't follow rules. She likes to travel the less traveled path. She doesn't fall IN LOVE. Never has, never will. Period. She doesn't have these things called "feelings". She's single but will never admit it. She's in a relationship with fun and freedom. There's just one thing many people don't know. She's Harry Styles' twin sister. When her brother comes home for the summer with the boys what'll happen? Will she fall for their boyish charms? Or will she remain the way she is? Or neither and she changes completely? Find out in Rebel.


19. Hurt

Louis' POV

So basically everyone's acting weird, and I haven't even left my bed. I called up Olivia seeing if she wanted to hang out, she shot me down and hung up. Liam came in and I asked him if he knew anything and he ran out. What's wrong with people nowadays? I climbed out of bed and walked out. I heard a door close behind me. I turned around to find Chance. In Niall's shirt. NIALL'S. FUCKING. SHIRT. I felt my blood boil as I clenched my fists. "Louis." Her voice was dripping in guilt. "I see, you makes things seem fair by telling Niall too. Then you and him go mess around behind my back." "Louis it's not like that!" She scurried over to me, she stood an arm's length away. I could smell Niall all over her. I scoffed. "You disgust me." I began walking away. I was angry as shit and could punch a wall. That actually sounded really good right now. She grabbed my wrist, yanking me back. Without thinking I swung. I stared at my fist, then at Chance. She sat on the floor staring up at me, her hair covering her face, she held her jaw. I smiled. That's what she deserved. "Don't fucking touch me." I grumbled and walked down the stairs. I felt good. No, better than good, great!

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