That One Day

I was so popular, everyone adored me. The he came that one day... Everyone turned. You think it would be so easy at least having one friend, but in my case that didn't happen. I'm alone, cold, surrounded by my thoughts as he figured out a deep secret of mine. My name is Nora, Nora Clausen. Here is my story on how Louis Tomlinson changed my life that one day...


2. Oh No

Louis, he stared at me blankly, then stood up. I looked at him wide eyed. "Please don't tell anyone," I whispered. He looked at me for a little bit longer then, just walked away. I sat there wondering what will happen..... Later on, I was at home online when I noticed a friend request from someone on Twitter and Facebook. It was Louis. I thought about what happened today and accepted it. I shut my laptop and decided to take a shower to think. I stood there as the warm water cascaded my body. It was soothing. I got out and put on my pj's. I towel dried my hair a bit, then I hopped into bed after brushing. I layed there pondering about Louis, he had that special but mysterious look to him. How his sandy brown hair swept across his forehead, and his incredible blue green eyes. After a while, I fell into a deep sleep.  -Beep, beep, beep- My alarm clock woke me up. I looked at it in hatred as it looked back showing me it was 6:00 am. "Ughhhhhhh," I groaned loudly. I got up as slow as possible. I walked to my closet to pick out my outfit. I decided on my light wash blue jeans, with my faded American flag muscle tee. I walked then to my bathroom. I started with my makeup..... that consists of mascara and my light rose lipstick color. I walked downstairs grabbed my backpack, an apple, and slipped on my uggs. I hopped in my car, and drove off to school, when one of my favorite songs came on, "Unconditionally" by Katy Perry. I blasted it and in no time arrived to my destination. I got out and started to eat my apple. As I walked I noticed people were laughing at me. My eyes spotted Angela and I started to walk over to her. "Hey," I said. "Hello," she said looking nervously suspicious. "What's wrong," I questioned. "Nora, you didn't hear, everyone is talking about it," she exclaimed. "Tell me," I shouted. "Well......" she started to say. When Louis started walking towards us.

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