That One Day

I was so popular, everyone adored me. The he came that one day... Everyone turned. You think it would be so easy at least having one friend, but in my case that didn't happen. I'm alone, cold, surrounded by my thoughts as he figured out a deep secret of mine. My name is Nora, Nora Clausen. Here is my story on how Louis Tomlinson changed my life that one day...


1. How it Started

My name is Nora Clausen. I have brownish-red hair that is naturaly wavy. My eyes are a different blueish gold color. I am fairly tall with a bit of a weight problem. So lets get started, umm well it was the beginning of October. I woke up like usual decided to choose my oufit. I went with cheetah leggings with a high-low black oversized shirt. I went to go do my makeup which was the usual mascara and light rose lipstick color. Next, is my hair which i decided to crimp. After I was done I decided to grab my backpack, slip on my short black Uggs, and go downstairs to leave. I didn't eat anything when I left, I just left. I have a hard time with my weight because people bully me. So, I kinda starve myself. I can never imagine myself throwing up so I don't. I drove my car to school to see my crowd of friends crowding something or someone. I walked over to see what the fuss is about. I got over there when I saw the most attractive thing alive. He had dirty sandy colored hair. His eyes were a beautiful blue-green color. His smile was included with pearly white straight teeth and it lit up the room on a rainy day. I probably looked like an idiot when I heard my friends Angela and Izzabelle calling my name. I snapped out of a trance when Angela said, "Nora are you okay, I called your name five times." "Oh, yeah, I'm fine," as a look of relief washed their faces. "Who's that," I questioned breaking the silence. "His name is Louis Tomlinson, and he came here from the UK," replied Izzy (nickname). "Mmmhhmm," I answered. "Well I got to get to class," I said starting to walk away drifting into my thoughts. I could here them say goodbye, but tuned them out with my thinking. I got to my locker when I looked and saw the King of attractiveness. When all of a sudden I was pushed and dropped my books all over. "Watch where your going," I mumbled. "Here let me help you love," I heard with a british accent. "It's ok," I replied then  stood up to see that I'm face to face with Louis. "I'm Louis," he said. "Nora," I said. "Well see you around," he replied. "I hope not," my sassiness taking over. "Well you don't need to be a bitch," he replied. "You don't need to call me names," I said walking away. I got to class when he walked in. This is going to be a long day I thought. -Few Classes Later- It was lunch and I didn't eat anything I just sat there on my phone. Finally lunch was over, when the halls were clear I went to the bathroom. I came out and everything was dizzy. Then I fell down. Everything went black and I heard a voice. I opened my eyes and saw Louis.

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