That One Day

I was so popular, everyone adored me. The he came that one day... Everyone turned. You think it would be so easy at least having one friend, but in my case that didn't happen. I'm alone, cold, surrounded by my thoughts as he figured out a deep secret of mine. My name is Nora, Nora Clausen. Here is my story on how Louis Tomlinson changed my life that one day...


4. Another Authors Note

Hey BooBears!

Sooo please please please!!!!

Comment Below about Harry or Niall's Girlfriend<3

Show me you guys are truly Harry or Niall Girls!

May the odds be ever in your favor..... lol jk


P.S if you need the submitting info check out the last chapter!

Thank you for the 3 who favorited and 50 who read!!!!

Bye bye BooBears<3


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