Hi I'm carter yeah it might sound like a guys name but it's my name and I like it I'm 19 an my last name well I don't know wat it is I was adopted so I don't have a last name oh well! Oh I forgot to mention I have a daughter named Diana she so much like her dad but she will never meet him after wat he did to us.


2. chaper 1

Hey it's carter again so basically I have a daughter at age 19 don't be rude anyway her name is Diana she is only 4 years old she was born on September 13,2010. Yeah she was born on the same day as Niall Horan from one direction except different year that's because the father of Diana is Niall but e left before I could tell him the news but who cared now I want her to have a normal life but it might be hard because next week one direction comes to London and will have vacation here for the next few months and I want Diana to be as far away as possible I don't want here to meet hi even though I had to buy her tickets to their concert because she is a big fan of them and i also bought era backstage passes you are probably wondering how can u afford those tickets and backstage passes well when I told my parents that I was pregnant they didn't kick me put the actually took care of me and Diana and they were the ones who bought the tickets and backstage passes I was broke out of my thoughts when Diana ran into the room...

" mommy I'm hungry can I have some food pwease" Diana asked giving me puppy dog eyes.

" alright baby girl what do you want to eat." I asked her.

" can we get nandos!!" She asked or more like yelled.

" alright but let's get u in some clothes and not pjs"I told her and took her to her room which was a mint green color.

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