What the hell?

Megan and Alex had being kidnapped by weird people, bringing to a weird place, and the weirdest thing? One direction had being kidnapped to! What does those weird people wants!? Something weird surely : they want to create a new society of young parents. But there this little secret everyone wants to find... Are they really human? What the hell!?


1. What the hell?

Megan’s POV

“Megan Courtney Brown! Listen!” Mr. Snow yelled. I groaned. “And stop to groan Miss… Do you want to go to the principal?” He asked angrily. I nodded happily, and got up. The students were laughing at my actions. The teacher was really, really, really, angry. “Megan! Sit down! You aren’t funny at all! You’ve got a month of detention!” He yelled. “What! A complete MONTH!?” I yelled back. The teacher nodded happily. I groaned and sat down.

The door opened fast, it was James, my bully. “So Mr. James-the-quarter-back decide to come in class today! Good choice. Sat next to Megan!” He said. “WHAT! NO!” I yelled. “Would you like to go see the principal Megan!” Mr. Snow asked angrily. I nodded and ran out of the class.


“Alex… Come on! Let’s go!” I said after my detention. Alexandra Fernandez was my best friend, and we always go at our detentions together. “Yes, I’m coming Meg!” She said, picking up her bag. We walked out of the classroom and went outside. Today was the perfect day for a smoothie! We walked to the closer Starbucks, and we drank our smoothies.  We went to eat  to Johnny Rockets. It was really good.

After, it was almost 8 o’clock. We were walking to our apartment.

Just to tell you a little about myself, my name is Megan Courtney Brown, I am 16, I like to laugh, to sing and I LOOOOVE One direction. My best friend is Alexandra Maria Fernandez, and my bully is James Oliver Parker. I have brown hair and brown eyes, I am not tall, but not that small. I like to go shopping and to run. I am NOT a geek, but I have good grades. Alex has good grades to. She has black hair with blue eyes. And she was the best signer ever! She was tall. We are leaving with each other for now a year, because our parents died in a car crash together.

“Meg, there is a black van beside us…” Alex said. I looked at it and we both started to jog. “Alex, a little faster ok! It’s still behind us!” I almost yelled. There was nobody outside at 8 pm! We ran like that almost 10 minutes, but I was getting tired. I heard footsteps and I screamed.

Someone was now grabbing my waist, I was really scared. I felt tears streaming down my face. “Hey princess… Don’t cry! We will not hurt you” Someone said. I heard Alex screamed and everything turned black.


Harry’s POV

A was afraid. It’s been three days we are there. Us, One direction, have been kidnapped three days ago. Louis was worried sick about Eleanor. She had been kidnapped with us, like Danielle, and Perrie. Zayn and Liam were still unconscious... I was afraid for them to! There was that really cute girl that arrived yesterday, she was still sleeping. I thought that she looked a lot like Louis… We were in a… school I think. A woman came yesterday, to tell us school would start tomorrow… WHAT THE HELL WAS SHE TALKING ABOUT!?



This is the first chapter of this movella. I know it looks a little complicated, but you will understand later. My name is Danielle and I have another movella, named New Life. I speak French, so pleaz… be nice ;)

Luv ya



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