What the hell?

Megan and Alex had being kidnapped by weird people, bringing to a weird place, and the weirdest thing? One direction had being kidnapped to! What does those weird people wants!? Something weird surely : they want to create a new society of young parents. But there this little secret everyone wants to find... Are they really human? What the hell!?


2. Shopping? WTH!

Megan's POV

I woke up in a unknown place. I was in a bedroom, or an... apartment? yes, I was in an apartment, alone. I walked in the kitchen, to find Alex, who was eating lasagna.

"ALEX! Where are we?" I yelled, running to her and hugging her.

"It's ok babe... We have being kidnapped, sweetie. They didn't hurt us. I talked to someone, her name is Janelle. She is really nice. She told me that we are in... a kind of school. She don't know more. She told me that 1D have being kidnapped to, and they are HERE!" She yelled the last sentences.

"Okay... that's a lot of information..." I said.

"I know babe. But, you know, maybe it's gonna be funny, or at least, not that bad" Alex said.

Someone knocked at our door. I answered. It was three very beautiful girls. They looked about 18-21. One had blonde hair and blue eyes, the two others had brown eyes and hair, but one looked older and had a darker skin.

"Hi, hum... are you the new girls?" The blonde one asked.

"Yeah, we are... I'm Megan and this is Alex." I said. The brunette one smiled. The older one nodded happily.

"Cool! I am Perrie, this is Eleanor and Danielle." Perrie said.

Oh... They are 1D's girlfriends! Perrie Edwards, Eleanor Calder and Danielle Peazer!

"Cool! You are Louis, Liam and Zayn's girlfriends, are you?" Alex asked.

They nodded.

"Yeah. And Janelle is our friend. She talked about you. So here we are. And there is a little party, at Harry's place, would you like to come?" Danielle asked.

"Of course! Even if we had been kidnapped, who is the crazy girl who says no to a party!" I asked. Yeah, I LOOOVED partying.

"Ahahah! You're right! And you know... It's not bad here. But we started to like it, just like... a hour ago! Before, we were freaking out! But then, Mrs. Sky gave us an apartment. She told us that in a week, we will be two for one apartment. I hope I will be with Louis!" Eleanor said happily. She seemed pretty nice.

"Yeah! But girls... we don't have any clothes to wear!" I said, looking at them. They smiled... WTH!?

"It's really big here, there is a school, restaurants, AND SHOPS!!!! Let's go shopping!" Eleanor said. So, it was true, the rumors that she LOOOVED shopping! NICE I HAVE A FRIEND! Cause Alex, don't like it at ALLLLLL!

"Do you like to go shopping?" I asked, hopping of a positive answer. They three girls nodded with excitement.

"OMG! I HAVE FRIENDS!!" I yelled. We hugged, laughing. Alex rolled her eyes. We then, went shopping.

Who said we would have fun!? Yeah, even if we had been kidnapped, we can still have a lot of fun! AND WITH 1D'S GIRLFRIEND!!!!



Hello! I will try to update the sooner I can... But I have a week of exams next week, so I study A LOT! I don't know if there is that in you school, cause you probably don't live in Canada, but anyway...

Just to tell a little abut myself, I like to sing, to dance (even if I'm a horrible dancer), and writ and I am horrible in Geography (and when I say horrible, it's HHOORRRIIBBLLEE). I leave in Canada, and I speak French, and I really little Spanish. And like you know, English, cause my mom is an English teacher and come from Ontario. At home, I speak English, at school French and I little Spanish with one of my friend.


Luv ya




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