What the hell?

Megan and Alex had being kidnapped by weird people, bringing to a weird place, and the weirdest thing? One direction had being kidnapped to! What does those weird people wants!? Something weird surely : they want to create a new society of young parents. But there this little secret everyone wants to find... Are they really human? What the hell!?


4. Partners? WTH!

Harry’s POV

After the party, everybody left. Zayn and Liam woke up two hours before the party, Danielle and Perrie were hysteric when they saw them. And OMFG! Megan is just the most beautiful girl ever! Today is the first day of school… Hope it’s going to be nice, but it’s stays school… I really want Megan and I to have the same classes. But I still don’t understand, I mean, I finished my high school like 3 years ago! Why do I need to go back to school! WTH!?

1 hour later

The boys, the girls and I are waiting in the gymnasium, like every other student. We’re waiting for the principal to come and explain the “rules” to us. I always hated rules. After a while, she came in, with three body guards, which had guns… L

Megan’s POV

While we were waiting with boys, we talked about our lives before the kidnapping. I talked about me, but not a lot, I was really insecure to tell all the truth about my creepy life. Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie were very interesting, and I can tell that Perrie is just my kind of friend. Danielle and Eleanor to, but Perrie is the perfect friend for me. The boys talked a lot about their amazing lives, it looked incredible.

Half an hour later, the principal, was in the gymnasium, waiting for the students to shut up. A little while later, we were all quiet and stressed, I saw a couple of other famous people, like Austin Mahone and Nikki Reed. WTH?!

“Okay. Hello everyone, I’m Mrs. Sky, the principal of this school. You are here, cause you were easy to kidnapped, and the perfect persons for this experience. Let me explain. Scientists wanted to know if teenager and young adults could be good parents, and live the same life as them. By this, I mean, work, cook and clean the house, you know… live like adults. We are going to make couples and make you guys live together in apartments.  For the first year, you can be just friend with your partner, but after this year, you will get married –for the ones it’s not already done- and has kids. You can’t escape from here. Oh, and those who already have a girlfriend or boyfriend who is here with you, you will live together. For the rest, well, we will make couple. For the first year, you will go to school, and study for the job you will do later. You will need to have a little job if you want to buy new clothes and go to the restaurant, or in a club. Cause, yeah, there is a club, but you can only go there the weekend. Anyway, you guys can go at the grocery one time in a week without paying anything. If you need to go there more than once a week, you will need to pay your food the second time, third time, etc. Clear? In one hour, the couples will be done, and you will be able to go live with your partners after. The oneswho already have a girlfriend or boyfriend here, come in front.” Mrs. Sky said. Louis, Liam, Zayn, Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie left to go in front, they are so lucky! They will have a life with the one they love. Not me, not Alex, Niall or Harry.

Wow, that was a lot to take…



Sorry, I was really really really busy at school! I will probably update again soon.

The new 1D video story of my life is just incredible! The 5 of them are so cute when they were little, and they still are ;) And Move of Little Mix is really really good to!!! I love those two songs!! Anyway, this chapter was a little complicated, if it was not clear, well, tell me!! Don't forget to like, fav, and comment! Thanks to read this! You could go read my other movella New Life.



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