What the hell?

Megan and Alex had being kidnapped by weird people, bringing to a weird place, and the weirdest thing? One direction had being kidnapped to! What does those weird people wants!? Something weird surely : they want to create a new society of young parents. But there this little secret everyone wants to find... Are they really human? What the hell!?


6. I'm already kidnapped! WTH!

Megan's POV

Okay, me and Harry decided to go see our apartment. It was at the second floor, apartment 212. We went in front of it. Harry was holding my hands tightly. I loved it that way.

Harry opened the door, and what we saw, was... INCREDIBLE!

"WOW! Harry, that is HUGE! I can't believe we'll live in there!" I said happily.

"I want to get out of here." He said. That comment shocked me. Was it because of me?

"Yeah, me too" I finally said.

"I know. Everybody does. And Meg, we'll leave. I promise. We'll probably be married and have thousands of child in two years! And I don't really want that! Who would want to?" He asked.

"Not me" I said.

"But Meg, we'll stay in touch, I promise." He continued.

"Harry, what if we can't get out!? What if they catch us and punish us!? What if we can't get out until we have child and all?" I said, staring to feel the tears in my eyes.

"Megan, Let's visit our home" He said. I nodded my head a yes.

We visited and talked about everything. There wasn't any tension, and I was glad of it. I couldn't have had a better future-husband!


Harry's POV

Megan and I visited our place. It was nice, huge... A real cool place I was glade to live in. We talked like friends would do. She shouldn't have been kidnapped. She didn't deserve it.

"harry?" She asked

"Yep honey, what's wrong" I replied

"Nothing I just want to know... If we can't escape, will you try to be happy or you'll stay sad forever?" She asked, I giggled.

"I'll try to start a new life. But we will get out. I won't have child here! They will not live here and never know the real world." I said

"Beautiful words" She answered.




Megan's POV

We were all out clubbing. I was wearing nice leggings with a cool yellow tank top. El, Danni, Perrie, Janelle and Alex, were wearing cooler things, but I wanted to be comfortable. Harry and I danced all night long. Janelle has been paired up with a cute and nice guy we didn't know. She looked happy with him. Alex and Niall were getting closer. Almost everybody was in the club, so it was difficult to move and dance.

"Hey beautiful... Want some good time?" A random, ugly, guy asked, while I was a little far away form Harry, oh shit.

"Nope, I'm alright. bye" I said. I started walking away, but the guy grabbed my waist and put a hand on my mouth, so I couldn't scream. I started to tear up. I bit his hand and he yelled in pain.

"HELP!" I screamed, but he put another hand over my mouth

"let her alone!" Another guy screamed, and I knew it was Harry.

"Pff... You're the lucky bitch that got her as partner!" The guy yelled

"Yeah, and let go off of... my.... Friend?" Harry said unsure.

"Oh... Seriously if she's just a friend, let me have my fun with her!" The guy yelled

"She's a wonderful girl, that we'll not get rape by you! Let go off her, or I'll kick your ass!" Harry said, grinning at the unknown guy.

Harry walked to him and took me out off his grip. Man, that guy is strong! He kicked the guy on the knee. It made a gross noise. Harry punched his jaw and the guy fell on the ground unconscious.

"Thanks Harry" I said, still crying.

"No problem. Now let's go home." He said. He took me in his arms, bridal style and I fell a sleep on him.



Helllllllo! I was busy like hell at school, so I haven't had time to update... I'm really truly sorry. Anyway, merry Christmas to everybody! Hey, no more school for 2 weeks! That is SOOOOO cool! No more homework! Well, my Math teacher gave us homework but... anyway!

Luv ya



Merry Christmas!

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