What the hell?

Megan and Alex had being kidnapped by weird people, bringing to a weird place, and the weirdest thing? One direction had being kidnapped to! What does those weird people wants!? Something weird surely : they want to create a new society of young parents. But there this little secret everyone wants to find... Are they really human? What the hell!?


5. A Tomlisnon? WTH?


Okay, I don't know if already said that, but I know Danielle and Liam broke up a quite long time ago, but I just thought they were the best couple ever so I kept Danielle has Liam's girlfriend.


Megan's POV

Eleanor, Perrie, Danielle, Louis, Zayn and Liam went to tell they were couples before they had been kidnapped. After, they came back with big smiles.

"Guys! We are going to live with each other! And Perrie asked if you guys could live really clothes to us, like our neighbors! THEY SAID YES!!!" Danielle and Eleanor yelled. The girls started to dance like crazy, and we were watching and laughing.

An hour after, we were back in the gym, waiting to know the couples. I was hopping to be with Harry, cause yeah, if I would have to choose any of them to get married with, it would be him... and now that it's gonna happened, well, I just hoped it will be him. Niall wouldn't be that bad either, but still... I don't see him as a boyfriend, just a brother ya know?!

"Okay, welcome back everybody. Just to explain more, we will call a boy's name, and tell him with who he is, and then, give both of them the keys of their apartment, their school schedule, and after that, you guys can go in the clubs if you want. Okay let's start." The principal said.

I was almost shacking. I was stressed like hell and I was hoping with all my heart to be with Harry, or at least Niall, but NOT a pure stranger! NO way in hell! I mean, I don't want to marry a guy I don't even know.

"First, Niall James Horan, come here. You are with..." The principal said. I was stressed has hell, what if it's a stranger! What if it's me!?

"Alexandra Maria Fernandez!" She continued. I was now more relaxed, at least, Alex is with Niall, and it was obvious they liked each other, I mean, just to see them look at each other! They both blushed and walked to the little stage.

"Here's your schedules and your keys. Okay, you can go, next! Harry Edward Styles, here! With..." She said. I was hopping with all my heart she would say my name, I was almost afraid could hear me think "I WANT TO BE WITH HIM!!"

"Harry Styles, with Megan Courtney Tomlinson" She said. I was sad, almost depressed. I felt the tears came, but held them back.

"Oh, yeah she is more known has Megan Courtney Brown" She continued.

I walked to the stage, confused, but really happy, I'm Harry's partner!

"What the hell!? Why Tomlinson?! I'm just Megan Brown, not Tomlinson!" I said.

"Sweetie, you have been adopted, you didn't know?!" She said.

"WTH?! No way!?" I yelled.

"Calm down Miss Tomlinson." She said angrily

"Does that mean that I'm like... Louis' cousin or, I don't know.. sister?!" I asked nervously.

"Yeah, you are Louis Tomlinson's little sister." She said.

"I can't believe you, why would I believe you!?" I said getting tired, it could be just drama and lies.

"Look at this Miss Tomlinson. This is a proof that you had been adopted." She gave me a now-shut-the-hell-up look. She hand me a paper. I just read the first three lines, it was enough to tell me what I needed to know. Harry was hugging me tightly.


Megan Courtney Tomlinson

Changed to Megan Courtney Brown

Adopted by : Andrew and Briana Brown.


"Okay... So..." I started to feel the tears fell down my cheeks.

"Miss Tomlinson, please, take your schedule and keys and go in your apartment, or do what ever you want, we have to announced the other couples, now, please leave." Mrs. Sky said.

We nodded and left, Harry was holding my hand tightly. I was feeling safe and protect. It was a new feeling for me, the orphan girl, who didn't have much friends...

"Megan, I swear I didn't knew! I just can't believe it! It's wonderful, but I'm sorry for you at the same time, it's an awkward feeling!" Louis said, running to meet me. I was happy, I had a brother, and I think Louis had like, four sisters, so I have a four sisters too! OMG! I realized the cool side of that just at that moment.

"LOUIS! I'm your sister!" I yelled and ran to hug him. We hugged a long minute.

"Meg, babe, let's go see our place, meet you guys here three hours, and be ready, we are going to club tonight. But ya know it's just 12 pm, so me and Meg are going to go at grocery store, and after we will bring all our things in our place, ya know, be ready to live our now "normal lives" and be yeah, after, at 3 pm, we meet here. See ya!" Harry said, took my hand and walked to our new apartment.



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