What the hell?

Megan and Alex had being kidnapped by weird people, bringing to a weird place, and the weirdest thing? One direction had being kidnapped to! What does those weird people wants!? Something weird surely : they want to create a new society of young parents. But there this little secret everyone wants to find... Are they really human? What the hell!?


3. A party?! WTH!

Megan’s POV

Even if we had been kidnapped, we can still have fun right? Anyway, I didn’t have any family… Well… Alex, but she was with me, and this place didn’t look so bad… We went shopping and had A LOT of fun. I had like… 1000000000000000000000000 new clothes. We were now in El’s place. She bought makeup for us, and things for our hair. She was doing Janelle’s hair and Danielle was doing Alex’s hair. Perrie was doing her makeup. I asked to do my own makeup, but the 3 girls will do my hair.

“hey, girls? Just to know you better… Boyfriend?” Danielle asked.

“Nope, both of us are single” Alex answered.

“Okay. Well, I think that we could match you two with some people we know…” Eleanor said. Perrie bursted out laughing. She looked to understand what Eleanor was talking about.

“OMG! I thought about the same thing! Alex is the same as Niall and Megan as Harry!” Danielle yelled.

“WTH!!!” I yelled.

“Well… Yeah. You would be very cute together…” Perrie said.

We all laugh, and when we were ready, it was PARTY TIME! We walked to Harry’s place, he was there, and the boys too. Eleanor just opened the door. Danielle ran to meet Liam, Perrie did the same with Zayn, and Eleanor with Louis.

“Well… hello darling!” Niall said to Alex, who blushed.

“Hi, I’m Megan, and this is Alex… We are friends of the girls!” I said pointing at Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie.

“Cool! I’m Harry and this is Niall! Come here, let’s play a game!” Harry yelled. Everyone nodded, but where was Janelle!?

“Hey, guys where is Janelle!?” I asked.

“Oh… she couldn’t come. To tired” Harry answered. He looked at my body, and smirked. WTH! I was embarrassed a little…

“Yeah! Let’s play truth or dare!” Louis said. I didn’t know they liked that game…

“Okay, Harry start. Truth or dare!” Louis continued. Harry thought a little but answered the “male” answer; dare…

“Dare of course!” He said. I smirked. He looked at me and I blushed just a little.

“I dare you to…” Louis started, but El whispered something to him. He bursted out laughing and nodded happily.

“I dare you to kiss Megan!” He said. OMG! WTH! NO WAY!

“No, hey! We just met! No way!” he said panicking.

“You’re such a girl Hazza bear! I’m ashamed of you!” Louis said, faked crying.

“Oh shut up.” Harry answered, getting closer to me… OMG! I was feeling hot and soooooo uncomfortable…  Harry was still getting closer, ‘till our noses touched.

“Hey, you know your beautiful, right? Don’t be embarrassed… It’s not like it’s gonna mean anything, right?” He whispered. I nodded and…

WE KISSED!!! Harry Styles kissed me… his soft lips were on mine, and we moved in sync’. He make out for a good two minutes. We pulled away gasping for air.

“Well done Hazza! And Megan…” Zayn laughed. I blushed really hard.

We continued that game until we were tired of it. Harry bought video games, so we just played Call of Duty for an hour. I wasn’t very good thought… After, it was 7 pm. Niall went at Nando’s and brought some foods up here. We decided to watch a movie.

“Toy Story” Liam said

“The call” Niall said

“Hunger Games” Alex said

“The Notebook” Harry said

“Cinderella story” I said. Everyone looked at me weirdly.

“Hey, Cinderella Story is THE best movie ever! Like you have the best song ever! Cinderella Story is the best movie ever! Pleaz guys! It’s so nice just once! And after we can watch every movie you want!” I argued.

The girls nodded happily and then we watched Cinderella Story… 3 times!


Harry’s POV

WTH! We watched Cinderella Story 3 times! I can’t believe it! But Megan is really nice, Alex too, but we didn’t talk that much. Meg is the kinda girl I would date… But… WTH am I saying! I can’t date her! I barely know her! But hey… dude she is SOOOO hot! Oh, come Harry stop to talk in your head, it’s weird! Anyway, she probably don’t even like me that way! Well… I don’t know but… Oh, stop to confuse me more, stupid brain!


Niall’s POV

Alex is just SOO nice! She is really hot too! And have a perfect body! OMG, stop Niall you’re talking like Harry! WTH! HELP ME SOMEONE! I TALK LIKE HARRY!


Alex’s POV

OMG! The guys are so nice! Louis is the funniest guy in all the world! And Niall, OMG! He is funny, smart, cute, have nice hair and OMFG He is so nice with me! He is already one of my best friends! I think I might like him a little… OMFG! I have been kidnapped, and what I think about is “Niall is hot”! WTH is wrong with me!


Megan’s POV

I had the best time of my life! Louis and Niall are really funny! Liam is so sweet! Zayn is completely my kind of friend! We talked a lot, and we are the same in a lot of way! Louis reminds me someone… I don’t really know who, but he does…

And Harry, OMFG! I can’t believe a guy like that can even exist! He is the cutest boy in all the world! He is really hot too! The kinda boy I would date… Yeah, one of my turn on, is when boys have long hair, like Harry… But sssshut! It’s a secret! Do he likes me back!? I don’t think so!



I had time to update today!!

I'm soooo tired! Goodnight! (Well, in Canada, it's like 9 pm!

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