That summer night

The mean and cold looking Sehun and his family goes on holiday on Jeju Island and one night he decides to go down to the beach. With his notebook and pen in his hand, he walks down the beach and finds a spot. As he sits down a boy with angelic face features and ligh brown hair gets the same idea.
What will happen if they meet and what consequences will accure when they become friends?
After the holiday, will they ever meet again?
(Btw, this story is on Asianfanfic aswell, but don't worry! It's still me who's writing the story I'm just posting it on two sites, so no copirights laws broken there ^^)


13. XII

As soon as Sehun had comprehended the fact that he, Oh Sehun, had made Kyungsoo meet that guy, he had felt so damn bad about himself. Like seriously, how could he had not picked up the clues and realized who the guy was? Sehun almost hit himself when Kyungsoo told him. Given the situation, it would have just made it even worse, but he was so damn close.

Of cause, Sehun, as he usually does, fled from the spot with Kyungsoo in his grasp, whom thanked him gratefully at least a million times, as he did. Kyungsoo felt relieved, that he had escaped that awkward tension at the table and made a mental note to give Sehun taro bubble tea the moment he got his paycheck, but Sehun really felt awful and could not repay the wide smile Kyungsoo was giving in all the way home in the car. He just stared out of the window, thinking back on the many times Kyungsoo had told him about the particular fellow.

“Sehun, look at him, just look! I can’t even get up on his level.”

“Come on, that girl isn’t even that pretty and I bet she can’t cook for shit.”

“Sometimes, I wish would just acknowledge my presence, not pretend that I’m invisible.”

“Sometime, I just wish I’d never even met him…”

From one to world disaster, this would turn in at the world disaster point. Maybe the outside world would not get, how much Sehun had fucked up, but in his little world, it had ruined a lot, not only for himself, but also for his second favorite hyung.

Second favorite hyung? Sehun subconscious asked him and it seemed like it answered itself as a picture of a light brown haired guy appeared in his mind with a smile that wide, that it caused his heart to pound just a tad faster than usual. How weird, thought Sehun as he put a hand on his chest.

The thoughts still about his mess up somewhat gracefully vanished and as he said good night to Kyungsoo, he rather felt a little better. As he entered his room, he sighed, grabbed one of his bed pillows, and threw it across the room hitting the wall with a loud bam. Sehun then took a deep breath and sat down on his bed with his head in his hands. He felt like kicking something though, getting some aggressions out, but he knew if he started ripping his whole room apart in the bright daylight on a normal school day, it would probably cause somewhat problems in his household, especially as he knew his sister and parents were coming home that afternoon and Luhan was in the house, too.

Luhan was probably buzzing in the living room with a cup of tea in his left hand and the remote firmly in right hand, which Sehun had observed him doing earlier at the so-called movie night with Luhan, and eyes glued to the TV screen. The older boy seemed to simply love TV and Sehun was curtain, which if life hasn’t gone as it usually does, Luhan would be content with watching different shows on the TV and Netflix for the rest of his life, being in his own little world without anyone else. Other than himself of cause…

“Sehun, Luhannie, we’re home!” a voice called from the hall, making her voice echo in the whole house. That specific high-pitched voice was not really something he had missed: If he could, he would live on with his life just swell without having to hear it or deal with the person, which the voice belonged.

Sehun groaned, as he raised he reluctantly stood up and made his way towards the hall, down the hideous stairs again much to his displease – damn all that unnecessary exercise – and was met by his parents and sister. Sehun immediately bowed to his parents, and as his sister saw him, she squealed fake and ran over to him, not letting him understand what was happening, before catching him in a hug. Sehun froze as his sister’s body touched his and sighed relieved, as she released him from the hug. The relief was short, as she kept her arms on his shoulders, not breaking the physical contact between the two. He shuddered in displeasure, but Seyeo did not seemed to mind at all. She just kept on with the act as usual.

“I’m so happy to see you again!” she smiled at him, the smile not reaching her eyes and Sehun fought the urge to roll his eyes. Seyeo giggled, almost jumped in pure and utter happiness and Sehun felt his stomach twist. He felt so bad about faking everything to his parents, especially his mother, but there were not much to do about it: If he was to keep his mother happy, even though he sometimes wished he did not have to, the act must continue and hugging seemed to be a big hit in his mother’s sparkling eyes.

Changing mood from sad to annoyed took only seconds as he came back to reality and found himself still in his sister’s arms. Sehun raised his head, only to look past Seyeo, locking his eyes with his mom whom seemed very delighted at the sweet interaction between the two. Oh, what don’t I do for yo-

“Welcome home Mrs. and Mr. Oh.” Greeted a familiar voice behind him and by the captivated look in his sisters eyes, he almost immediately knew whom it was. Sehun’s mom smiled and walked past her two children to give Luhan a warm hug and pinch his cheeks. “Thank you, Luhan. Has Sehun treated you well while we were away?” asked his mom and suddenly all 3 pair of eyes were set on Sehun and he felt Seyeo tighten her grip on his shoulder as his mother asked the question. Someone is a bit jealous? Sehun teased in his head, before being swept back to reality with Luhan’s reply.

“Yes, Mrs. Oh. Sehun-ssi was very kind towards me, we had a movie-night, and it was so much fun! We ordered pizza and watched movies all night and talked and-“

As Luhan rambled on, Sehun felt his cheeks heat up, not only because of millions praises he currently was receiving from Luhan, but also because of Seyeo’s almost deadly glare. Seyeo seemed very displeased with all the compliments given to Sehun, but she also seemed quite surprised at the gesture.

Sehun eyed his sister before unleashing himself from her and walked as casually as possible to his dad whom was currently talking to Xiumin and one of the maids. He recognized the maid and Sehun was sure whose name was either Amelia or Amber, laughing loudly at something Xiumin had said. The three people turned around as Sehun approached them and Sehun’s dad smiled, making his white teeth showing.

“Hello, Sehun. How have you been these few days? You have not died of hunger, I see, that is good. Did you force one of the maids to cook food for the two of you these couple of days? I can hardly imagine you cooking something eatable.” His father joked and he seemed unnoticed by the maid next to him giggling. 

Sehun felt the corner of his mouth twitch a bit, almost leading into a smile. His father was back and apparently, in a good mood too. Maybe the next couple of days would be calm and without too much drama, as suppose to the last few days. People would probably pay to watch, what was going on in the house. Sehun could just imagine having loads of people eating popcorn in front of the screen, commenting on what was happening and having them gossip about it the next day in school and stuff, saying things like “Omg, did you watch that last night? So much drama!”.

Sehun then left his imaginary world, pushing the thought away of a hit reality show starring his own family before answering his father with a small smile. “No father and as you can see, I’m perfectly fine. Luhan hyung and me ordered pizza and the rest of the days I was out, so I did manage myself to get a sufficiently amount of food, Luhan included. ” Sehun answered and he felt someone look at him from behind, but he was not so sure who it was. He was not so sure about whether or not Luhan had gotten enough food, but he figured with a smile like his, the maids would’ve made him food with no questions asked, if he merely smiled at them or if they heard his stomach rumble.

His father then chuckled lowly. “That’s great to hear, Sehun. Hopefully you two had fun, wait, let me rephrase that, I can obviously tell you two had fun as I can hear the constant talk from Luhan over there with your mom and Seyeo, talking about how awesome it has been.” Sehun bit his lip, avoiding his father’s eyes.

Luhan seemed to have heard his name being voiced and stopped his blabbering for minute, sharing a brief look with Sehun. Luhan smiled almost shyly at him, which was a huge surprise to Sehun, but he did not get to think about for long, before his dad’s voice roared in the hall.

“Oh well, it would be good if we get unpacked,” His father declared, before turning to his mom and the maid Amber or Amelia getting the hint and start moving the two big suitcases along the marble  floor to the big master bedroom. “Minah, care to join me in the living room for a cup tea as the maids unpack? Seyeo, you can go to your room and start on that English essay you’ve been talking about,” Seyeo puffed her cheeks, clearly irritated at her dad’s demand, and their mom smiling as usual.

“But dad-“Seyeo started, looking alternately at both Luhan and their dad, but their mom cut her off.

“I think it would be a nice idea, too. Go ahead, sweety.” She said and moved her hands towards Seyeo’s room. “Off you go.” She added.

Seyeo pouted, obviously trying to look cute while being sad and that made Sehun internally cringe. Seeing how neither of their parents would budge, she stomped up along the corridor towards her room. That left Sehun, Luhan and his parents in the big hall. Sehun’s dad then turned to Sehun.

“Sehun, correct me if I’m wrong, but haven’t you got a book report due to next Monday?” Sehun’s eyes widen before clearing his mouth. How did he know all those things?

“Um, yes father.” He answered and by the recent request to Seyeo, he quickly knew where his father was heading with that statement. “I will go right up and write it.” He added.

Sehun’s dad then nodded with a delighted smile. “Great then. Work hard, son.” Sehun then bowed at his parents, bid them a good tea and left for doing his homework.

As soon as he left, he heard the footsteps on the marble floor echo in the house, probably from the bottom from his mom’s stilettoes, and paced up the stairs. He was a bit taken off guard with that book report, like, how could be possibly have known that? Homework was not put up online or something: The teacher told you, what you were demanded to do and when it’s due. Did his dad talk privately with his teacher or something? Because, if so, that would a bit strange. His dad never really bothered with asking about homework; He just assumed he had them done and for the most part, Sehun did do them. Sometimes, when he was tired, he did not do them, but that did not really hurt his education that much. Not trying to sound like a total geek or brainiac: The things taught in school just was not that difficult and hard to understand and remember, as others might think. To Sehun it was sort easy.

Reaching his room he felt a hand on his shoulder, making Sehun almost jump squeal and shriek loudly. He then turned his head fast around to see whom the hand’s master was with almost fearful eyes. His heart was beating like mad in his chest and he felt his blood rush through his veins. Being surprised, especially with physical contact included, was not really Sehun’s forte.

 When he saw the latter’s face, his face immediately hardened, his heart still pounded harshly, making him gasp after air.

“Jesus, Luhan, you almost gave me a heart attack!” Sehun wailed, keeping his hand on his pounding heart and roared. Luhan look at him with huge eyes, almost making him look like Kyungsoo. “Please don’t do that every again.”

Luhan merely laughed at him, before he saw Sehun’s stone cold. He then coughed awkwardly, scratching his neck. Luhan looked down into the ground and muttered a low ‘sorry’. Sehun bit his lip. Was this shy Luhan coming out? Sehun could not control the smirk arriving on his lips. Seeing Luhan like this made the urge to pinch his cheeks a lot bigger and shortly mesmerized, therefore the following words were completely out of his control.

“So cute.” He said and as soon as he had realized, what he had just said, he brought a hand to his mouth, covering it as if he could’ve caught the words, not allow them being heard. In addition, Luhan’s reaction made it even worse. His face then lit up as if he had seen a sign that said “Free ice cream”, blushing red cheeks and he then giggled, making Sehun fly up between the skies.

“Oh.” He simply said and that triggered a whole lot of word vomit from Sehun’s behalf.

“Um, sorry about that. I really did not mean to say that, um, to you. I mean, it is not like you are cute, no wait, you are kind of cute, but not like cute cute, you know? You see, I’m very tired, Lu, so please bear with-“

“You called me Lu.”

Wait, what?

Sehun blinked.

“You didn’t call me Luhan-ssi, hyung or something else, you called me by my name, well, nick name,” Luhan explained with a straight face. Oh, shit. Was Luhan about to be mad at him for him simply Lu? It was against the things he was taught, but somehow calling him Lu was far more comfortable than calling him hyung.

“I meant Luhan hyung, or Luhan-sii-“ Sehun thought back to the time with Luhan at Jeju and those days he had spent with Luhan and the millions of time, Luhan had corrected him, when he referred him as Luhan-ssi. “Wait no, I mean hyung.” He quickly added, almost not daring to look at Luhan. With hesitant eyes, he did raised them, meeting Luhan’s and soon realized, he had been all wrong in his prejudice.

Luhan, on the other hand, seemed rather giddy and smiled. What was wrong with that kid? Was he feeling all right? All the time Sehun had known Luhan, the older guy had a habit of changing his mood as often as Tao decided to karate kick someone into the ground, which, by the way, was quite often. How it was possible, Sehun did not know, but it was happening and gradually it was turning Sehun into a mad teenager.

 “I’m sorry, I don’t understand. You’re way to bipolar right now for me to understand anything.” Sehun gave up and let his guard down, something he rarely did, but he really did not know what to do. That guy was driving him insane and letting him know his thoughts had seemed like the best tactics to get things on the table and making Luhan tell him, what was going on. Well, that used to work.

Luhan then moved closer to him and with his hand in Sehun’s, dragged him towards own room, only to look around the hall before departure. Sehun’s went blank as they moved along the hall. No words were exchanged between the two and all Sehun could think about was how amazing it felt having Luhan’s hand in his.

When they arrived in Sehun’s room, Luhan let go of his hand and stood right of in front of him, keeping his hands in his pants’ pockets. Sehun raised an eyebrow. “Okay, now I’m confused.”

“I thought I could help you with that book report of yours,” he then explained.

Sehun almost gaped. “You want to help me with my book report?” he asked almost lost of speech and Luhan nodded, adding a small smile in there too. “Yeah, I was bored and I thought I could help you with your homework.” He added.

Luhan walked towards Sehun’s desk and sat down on one of the stools. Why there suddenly was two chairs instead of the usual one crossed his mind, but Luhan’s voice brought him back. 

“Let’s get to it, shall we?” he suggested and Sehun sighed as he went towards his backpack, getting the book he had read the night, he had arrived back home after the trip to Jeju. The Closet of Secrets – by Xi Wei Ma was the book that had Sehun spellbound for hours, the first one to do it at that, and he was somewhat curious to see what Luhan thought about the book and its storyline. The book was about gay love and a small part of Sehun was especially interested in hearing what Luhan thought of that. Why, he was not sure, but now he had decided he would help, he mustered up the courage and made up his mind to just do it: Get this book report done.

As he sat down next to Luhan, he dropped the book on the table with a bang and cracked his fingers. Luhan seemed taken back at this act, but shrugged it off with a slight smile. Sehun looked at Luhan with a bright look on his face, a bit strained, but bright it was.

“Alright, let’s do this.” 


I admit, that I should be stoned, thrown to the wolves to suffer a painful death and other things that hurts like shit for updating after 4 freaking months of hiatus.. I could say I was busy, but honestly, that would be a lie; I just did not know how to proceed with this story. I have so many ideas, but none of them really fit. Sometimes I did write something, then I deleted like 2 word pages in word, because I wasn't satisfied with it and how it was written. I'm kind of critical on that point. I just wanted to do my best and I really didn't feel like I could deliver a proper chapter for you all. I apologize about that.

I do hope that you guys liked it -  I used to days to refine and write this chapter and if I did well, I'd really like to hear it. Not trying to sound like a commenhunter, but hearing what you all think makes me motivated to write more and therefor bring more chapters to the table for you guys to read and hopefully enjoy. 

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Oh well, we'll see how it goes! ^^

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