That summer night

The mean and cold looking Sehun and his family goes on holiday on Jeju Island and one night he decides to go down to the beach. With his notebook and pen in his hand, he walks down the beach and finds a spot. As he sits down a boy with angelic face features and ligh brown hair gets the same idea.
What will happen if they meet and what consequences will accure when they become friends?
After the holiday, will they ever meet again?
(Btw, this story is on Asianfanfic aswell, but don't worry! It's still me who's writing the story I'm just posting it on two sites, so no copirights laws broken there ^^)


12. XI

This was great, no this was awesome, no- Sehun honestly did not know how describe this situation with words, but he was 100% sure that his event was to be one of his short life’s biggest events.  Kyungsoo had after about 6 years finally agreed to hang out with his friends along with him. The whole hanging-out part was astonishing even to Sehun himself; He, Oh Sehun, finally socialized outside from school and that alone was kind of a big accomplishment, but the fact that Kyungsoo was willing to join him was even bigger.

Kyungsoo had never since they had met, only met his friends once. That was 6 years ago and the then 10 years old Sehun had bugged his hyung, who was 12 at the time, for an entire month, before Kyungsoo lost it and said yes.

When Sehun finally met up with his friends, Baekhyun, Suho, Kai and Tao, Kyungsoo looked at them for a second and suddenly made up an excuse to leave. It was, like, the mere sight of his friends had freaked him out and Sehun, at the time, did not know how to react. He had not expected his brave and cute hyung to act like that. It was just his friends; what was the worst that could happen?

Then Kyungsoo left the group speechless, even the all ways-talking Kai had nothing to say and they all looked at each other, all with the same confused look in their eyes. Kyungsoo had not even muttered a single word and neither had any of the other, and yet somehow Kyungsoo felt uncomfortable and fled as soon as he got the chance.

When Sehun had gone home that night after saying goodbye, he decided to ask what happened. He was pissed.  He had just wasted a whole month of begging and he had even done aegyo, which he never usually did, he would rather drown himself than do aegyo, to make the meeting happen and Kyungsoo just had the guts to run off like that?

Kyungsoo then avoided every question with another question like ‘Why is this important?’, ‘Can’t you just drop it?’ or ‘Let me make you kimchi spaghetti and then we can play videogames – deal?’ and Sehun ended up dropping the subject and accepted the offer from Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo made him his favorite dish as an ‘I’m-Sorry’-gift to Sehun and afterwards they played videogames until Kyungsoo’s parents came and picked him up later that night. After that, they never talked nor referred to that day.

Well, until the day when Kyungsoo had arrived back home from his one year in America. Sehun, without really thinking too much about it, asked if he would finally meet his friends and too his big surprise, Kyungsoo agreed. Sehun almost jumped of joy but because Luhan still was in the house, he had calmed his fangirli- No, he was a man, a real man. He had calmed his fanboy feels and after he got home from Baekhyun’s, all he could think about in bed, was that fact Kyungsoo was meeting his friends in the near future. It was easy to say that that night; Sehun got a very small amount of sleep.


The next day in school Sehun nonchalantly brought up the subject and asked if they were up for meeting his hyung and everyone said yes. Chanyeol who had decided to join them at their lunch table that day asked if he could come too and from the look in Baekhyun’s eyes, he agreed almost immediately hoping Baekhyun would take a note of that simple gesture. Sehun never usually let new people into his life that easily, with the exception of Luhan of cause but he was a whole lot different from normal people and Baekhyun knew that as well as himself and everyone else. The whole school knew that Sehun was not easy to befriend and because of that, many avoided any contact with him, but Sehun did not really care. He had the friends he needed around him and he did not need anyone else.  

Sehun had in mind to keep on with those small gestures like inviting Chanyeol along to their hangouts in the hope that Baekhyun would trust him a bit more, gather up the courage, and tell him about their secret relationship. It was completely against his normal conduct with people, but Baekhyun was special to him and knowing he felt scared to tell him something as important as that, made Sehun uneasy. Best friends should be able to tell each other everything and a thing as small, in Sehun’s mind, as being gay and having a boyfriend should not be a subject not allowed to be discussed or even talked about.

After a short conversation between Sehun and Kyungsoo over the phone and between Sehun and his friends including Chanyeol, the date was set. Kyungsoo would finally meet his friends and Sehun was ecstatic. Not that he would admit though.


The day arrived and after school, his friends waited at the local café called EXO-Latté, sat down and waited, while Sehun hurried home in his car driven by Jongdae to pick up Kyungsoo at his house. Sehun was determined not to let Kyungsoo bail him like last time. While driving Sehun could not sit still, which made Jongdae raise an eyebrow. Sehun’s hands were shaking and his eyes were flying around; one moment he was staring out of the window and another he was looking at his hands.

“Young Master, you okay back there?” asked Jongdae, catching his boss’ eyes in the rear view mirror. Jongdae pursed his lips. His boss never acted like this. “You’re not sick, are you?”

Sehun laughed nervously and bit his lip. “Of course – I’m completely fine,” waved Sehun off, before adding with a small smile, obviously fake and looked extremely strained “No need to worry”

Sehun then quickly removed his look from Jongdae and looked down onto his lap, fumbling with his fingers. “Alright,” Jongdae sighed as he decided to let his boss off the hook. No matter what was causing this, he knew that Sehun would not talk about it with him. Jongdae was only a driver, nothing more than that.

As they reached Kyungsoo’s house, Sehun felt his nerves get the best of him, but as he briefly thought of Luhan, it seemed like his heart calmed. Sehun bit his lips as he waved the thought away. Knowing Kyungsoo stood ready at the house gate, went Jongdae out and opened the door for Kyungsoo. Entering the car glanced Sehun at Kyungsoo’s outfit; A simple pair of black pants, a pair of dark blue converse, a white tee with some kind of black print and his hair was styled at usual – morning hair but still with a small touch making it look wearable in public.

“Someone dressed up to the occasion,” commented Sehun and Kyungsoo sneered which made Sehun chuckle and Kyungsoo quickly joined in. With a slight smile, Kyungsoo entered the car, sat down next to Sehun and buckled up. Silence consumed the car, until Sehun decided to break it. Kyungsoo looked like as nervous as if he stood on a giant mountain and was about to jump from the top and go downwards. Sehun had calmed as Kyungsoo entered the car, but Kyungsoo looked like as he had sat down in the car and it had begun to drive, he became more and more anxious.

“You’re ready, hyung?” asked Sehun and placed him hand lightly onto his right shoulder.

Kyungsoo smiled awkwardly, looked into Sehun’s worried eyes and nodded hesitantly. “Yeah, I was born ready,” answered sarcastically and with that response, Sehun knew that Kyungsoo was a nervous wreck. Kyungsoo was per usual sarcastic and if Sehun was not so observant, he would have believe Kyungsoo, but the look in his eyes told him otherwise.

Sehun sighed and shook Kyungsoo’s shoulders lightly. “You don’t have to be so nervous! It’s not like they will kill you – it’s just a normal hangout, meet-up, whatever you’d like to call it, between friends. No one’s going to kill anyone and they’re really friendly to new people, unlike me,” Sehun said and smiled lightly at Kyungsoo before adding, “You survived me, so I’m curtain you’ll do just fine with my friends. And if they act mean towards, I’ll use my taekwondo skills on the, until they behave nicely,”

Kyungsoo broke into laughter as he heard Sehun’s poor attempt of raising his spirits. “Yah, no need to get violent. I’ll do just fine, okay? it’s not like I’m afraid of your friends and I’m sure they’ll behave just fine. By the things you told me last night, I have no reason to be anxious or anything,” explained Kyungsoo.

Sehun had the night before called him to lift his spirits and make sure he would come. He had talked about each of his friends and let him know the basics;

Tao being the peach and Gucci-addicted princess of the group – Behind those knife sharp eyes and wushu-skill, he was as soft and girly as a bag of pink, heart marshmallows.

Suho, being the only one with a slight touch of responsibility and having the brain like Einstein. No shit, the kid got straight A’s and did not even study like mad, as every other student in school did before a big test.

Baekhyun’s addiction to eyeliner, his sarcastic and sassy personality, and how Baekhyun had the habit of taking in anyone who he finds cute as his adoptive son. Because of that habit, Tao was added to the group.

Kai’s reputation about being a player, which was not even close to the truth. Jongin, Kai’s real name, was pretty much the complete opposite; He loved hello kitty, fluffy stuff and even though every girl dreamed about being his girlfriend, the poor girls had no chance, since Sehun knew he was gay and. He did not why, Jongin never really said or did anything that could point into that direction, but he just kind of knew.

As the car got closer to the café, Sehun kept talking to him about daily life stuff, but it seemed like Sehun’s word were air. Kyungsoo completely lost track of the conversation Sehun was trying to keep with him and he disappeared into his own mind. Sehun frowned but let him be. Sehun sat down into the seat and silence filled the car until Jongdae interrupted, as he awkwardly cleared his throat.

“Eh, young masters, we’re here,” Sehun and Kyungsoo shared a look, before the door opened and they stepped out of the car. The car had stopped exactly in front of the café and because the front of the café was built by mainly windows, Sehun quickly found his friends sitting by a table near the window. He waved and they waved, except Kai who was completely immerged into his phone. Suho noticed Kai not waved along with them and smacked his on the shoulder. Kai sneered before slipping his phone into his pants pocket and looked up, meeting Kyungsoo’s eyes. Kai suddenly made big eyes and Kyungsoo’s eyes hurried away from his stare. Sehun looked between the two with a slight frown, but waved it off.

Sehun glanced at Kyungsoo who was shifting his weight from each foot frequently. Sehun nudged his hyung and smiled cheekily at him. “Don’t be like that, hyung, everything will be just fine. Just be nice and they’ll be nice to you,”

Kyungsoo nodded slowly and sent him an awkward smile. Sehun grabbed him by the wrist and slowly dragged him into the café. Sehun almost immediately felt Kyungsoo went the other way. Kyungsoo bit his lip hardly and sighed, as he caught Sehun’s eyes. “Sehun-ah, how about I make you that kimchi spaghetti, eh? Sounds good, eh?” tried Kyungsoo, but Sehun, being determined as he was, ignored his hyung’s proposal.

Sehun simply shook his head and muttered “Nope,” as he continued dragging him into the café.

“But-“Kyungsoo tried again, but received the same cold answer.


Kyungsoo scoffed at Sehun’s cold actions and changed his tactics in the hope that things would go his way. “Who are you to disrespect your hyung like that, huh? That’s not okay and just you wait till we get home,” sneered Kyungsoo and narrowed his eyes at the younger. Sehun rolled his eyes and turned around with a sigh. “I’m sorry, hyung, but you’re not running off this time,”

“Sehun, you don’t under-“

“Hyung! Shut it, please? We’re almost at the table,” Sehun exclaimed rather annoyed. “God, why are you like this?” hissed Sehun and as they arrived to the table, all eyes were set at them.

“Hey guys, this is Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo, everyone, everyone Kyungsoo,” presented Sehun Kyungsoo and beamed.  Baekhyun stood up and reached out his out his hand to greet him. “Hello there, I’m Baekhyun,” Kyungsoo hesitated before shaking Baekhyun’s hand. “Hi, I’m Kyungsoo,”

Everyone greeted each other and short after they arrived, the waiter came by with the drinks.

As the waiter sat down the drinks, Sehun looked at his friends. “You already ordered the drinks?” They nodded. “Yeah, we just ordered the usual,” answered Suho and the turned to Kyungsoo. “We didn’t really know what you’d like, so we just ordered something off the menu. I hope that’s alright,” Kyungsoo nodded and smiled thankfully at Suho. “It’s fine, I’m not picky, so I’ll probably like it,” assured Kyungsoo and took a sip of the hot drink.

The rest of the group had already begun talking like they were used to, but somehow the atmosphere felt weird. Everyone but Kei seemed all right with the situation; He just kept on looking at Kyungsoo as if he was trying to solve a mystery or something and Kyungsoo seemed like not wanting to look in the direction, Kai was. Kyungsoo exhaled and decided to taste, what the Suho-person had ordered for him. He suddenly froze as the flavor hit his tongue. Sehun raised both eyebrow at his hyung. “What is it?”

Suddenly all the eyes were on Kyungsoo and Sehun watched Kyungsoo as he gulped. “It’s just that this drink happens to be my childhood favorite and it’s been quite a while since I drank this... It brings back memories,” Kyungsoo responded and drew the straw around in circles the hot beverage, avoided all the glances. As the memories flooded back, a small smile appeared on his lips.

“I guess it was some pretty good memories?” Tao asked, referring to the small smile and took a sip of his steaming hot latté. Kyungsoo blushed and nodded. The boys laughed at Kyungsoo’s reaction and Baekhyun beamed and pinched Kyungsoo’s chin. “Aww, you’re so cute!”

Kyungsoo gaped at the sudden actions from Baekhyun and blushed even more. The boys all chuckled at Baekhyun’s random act, but Sehun did spot a look of jealousy from Chanyeol towards Kyungsoo, but Kyungsoo, being the oblivious person he sometimes could be, did not notice a thing.

The boys then began talking and as they talked, Sehun noticed Kai and Kyungsoo stole glances at each other. Sehun turned his head towards Kyungsoo’s. “What’s up with you and Kai? You two keep on looking at each other, do you know each other?” whispered Sehun and looked at Kai, who was currently in a feisty debate about whether the toilet paper should be crumpled or folded when used. Sometimes Sehun wondered why he was friends with a bounce of idiots, but then he remembered that he kind of liked to hang out with them and life without these idiots would be boring.

Kyungsoo shook his head and sighed. “Nothing,” Sehun rolled his eyes and frowned. “Hyung, I’m not stupid. Seriously, you can tell me,”

Kyungsoo scratched the back of his neck, bit his lip nervously and moved closer to Sehun’s ear with flushed cheeks.

“It’s him,”

Sehun was confused. “Who?”

“You know, him,” tried Kyungsoo again. “Year 4, school, the dancer kid,”  

Ohh,” muttered Sehun and gulped.

Well shit.”


New chapter after one hell of a time.. ._.

I do hate myself for making the wait so damn long and breaking yet another promise of a quick update. I just didn't know which of my millions ideas I should go with and then 2 am this night I woke up and I couldn't sleep.. At all. So I began thinking of different scenarios and ideas for the story and this happened. So I hope this satisfies my readers and if any of you are still hanging on to the story and can deal with my ridicously slow updates, you seriously deserve a cookie, not even kidding. If you are still here after all this time, you're one hell of a patient person and you deserve the best things out there, k? And don't let anyone tell you different. Ever. 

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