That summer night

The mean and cold looking Sehun and his family goes on holiday on Jeju Island and one night he decides to go down to the beach. With his notebook and pen in his hand, he walks down the beach and finds a spot. As he sits down a boy with angelic face features and ligh brown hair gets the same idea.
What will happen if they meet and what consequences will accure when they become friends?
After the holiday, will they ever meet again?
(Btw, this story is on Asianfanfic aswell, but don't worry! It's still me who's writing the story I'm just posting it on two sites, so no copirights laws broken there ^^)


11. X

The guy seemed unaffected by the two’s closeness and hurried right past them and towards the kitchen, obviously annoyed and with a deep frown on his face. A loud sigh and groan came from the kitchen made Luhan moved off Sehun and placed himself awkwardly next to Sehun in the couch. Not a single word was said between them, which made Sehun feeling weird. Sehun gulped and looked straight into the ground, avoiding every possibility of a shared look with Luhan and fled to the kitchen. As Sehun moved towards the kitchen, he heard fast footsteps up the stairs indicating Luhan was feeling as uncomfortable in the situation as he felt and took the easy way out, practically running away to his room. Oh how Sehun wished he could do the same, but one particular guy in his kitchen had kind of scratched that possibility off the list.

Learning against the wall with burning eyes at the small figure, Sehun felt nothing but anger and a big urge to kill. That guy had just ruined, completely ruined, the moment he had with Luhan and because of that, Sehun was 100% sure that Luhan would keep his distance and never talk to him again, probably not even in this century and only in the far future could Sehun maybe wish, that Luhan would consider talking to him. Not even exaggerating here.

“Fuck. You.” Muttered Sehun as he walked along the kitchen counters and dumped down on one of the barstools placed near the big kitchen island. The older male simply snorted and continued cleaning the kitchen counter where Xiumin had made breakfast for the two only moments earlier. Still the same old umma, thought Sehun.  

“I’d rather not and I think a curtain Chinese boy would hit me, if I did,” uttered a voice from behind the older’s back.

Sehun gaped. “How dare you-“

“Pu-lease Sehun, don’t think I didn’t know what the two of you did in there, but remember to use condoms, alright? Safe sex is great sex,” The winks from the older made Sehun almost hurl and Sehun faked multiple puke sounds. “Gross,” commented Sehun and bit his lips hard, when curtain pictures in his mind arrived, making him squirm in his seat. Bad thoughts, bad thoughts! Though Sehun and pressed his eyes together in the belief they would disappear. Luhan would probably run away screaming if he knew, what Sehun was thinking at this very moment.

Pushing the thoughts aside, Sehun was still pretty pissed about the older coming in so suddenly, tearing his Luhan away from him. “I can’t believe you just barged in while I was being very busy,” hissed Sehun and placed his elbow on the counter, supporting his head with his hand.

The latter chuckled. “Busy with what? Practically dry humping each other? Please Sehun, if you feel like doing that again with someone at least do your family and friends a favor and do it in your own room, not where everyone can walk in on the two of you having the time of your lives,” said the guy again and smirked. Sehun merely sighed, hiding his flushing cheeks in his hands and decided not to answer. He was too tired and embarrassed to even talk about it and his hyung was not helping. On the other hand, his hyung seemed different and he didn’t know whether it was a good thing or not.

“I can’t believe you just said that. Where is the Kyungsoo-hyung I know from 6 months ago? The innocent and cute squish-ball whom never even dared to say stuff like dry hump and even utter a simple swear word? Damn, America changed you,” said Sehun, grabbing an apple from the fruit basket placed on the middle of the kitchen island and took a bite

Kyungsoo turned around, dropping the cleaning cloth on the counter and moved closer to Sehun with a fond smile. “That Kyungsoo is still here, he’s just a bit improved and has gotten the courage to say the stuff, he already was thinking anyway. No person is really as innocent as they seem, Sehun, everyone have a little pervert inside of them” answered Kyungsoo.

Sehun pursed his lips and nodded a bit. “True, but this Kyungsoo will still be making Sehun food when he politely asks, right? And will finally agree to meet Sehun’s friends, right?” Kyungsoo seemed to ponder for about for a while before nodding. “Of cause this Kyungsoo will make his dongsaeng food as usual and as this hyung has made a promise of meeting his dongsaeng’s friends for at least a year, it seems only fair that he agrees,” said Kyungsoo smiling.

Sehun was about to say something before Kyungsoo cut him off. “Now, end of speaking in 3rd person, let me hug you, before I go nuts,” said the older before going the short way around the counter meeting Sehun in a hug. Sehun, whom still hated skin ship (Unless it was with Luhan of cause) winced at the warmth of the embrace but kept it in, as he know how much Kyungsoo had been missing him. It was visa versa, but Kyungsoo was always the one who showed the most affection of the two. Ever since Sehun’s parents introduced the two at the age of 10 and 12, they’ve been very close and as both of their parents are big in the financial world, the two could lay off their thoughts and relate to each other in a way that neither of them could do with others. Only the two among loads of people understood how it was being the child of a CEO.

A groan from Sehun parted the two and Kyungsoo smiled at Sehun, ruffling the younger’s hair much to Sehun’s dismay. “I’m glad you haven’t changed,” uttered Kyungsoo being the same grateful guy he always was. Kyungsoo knew how to appreciate the small things and that was one of the traits Sehun envied about Kyungsoo.

Kyungsoo looked a little around before saying, “I think I better go! Seeing how I ruined such a crucial moment for my Sehun, I guess I have to put my feelings aside and let you enjoy your youth,” Stated Kyungsoo and Sehun mentally face palmed. “Hyung, you’re only 2 years older than me. You make yourself out to be like 50 or something,” complained Sehun and lightly punched his hyung’s shoulder.

Kyungsoo laughed. “Alright, alright, have fun! I’ll be going and remember what I said! No sex witho-“

“Yah! I get it, now go!” cut Sehun off and pushed Kyungsoo towards the door. “Calm down, will you? Behaving like this make me think that my pure hearted dongsaeng has some bad, bad intentions about that deer looking kid from,” Kyungsoo laughed at the younger’s actions. “Geez, no need to hurry me out of the door! Well, I’ll leave you and your disrupted mind and go home,” said Kyungsoo and winked as he left the house. Sehun sighed with a small smile on his lips as he closed the door.

 As Kyungsoo was gone, Sehun sprinted up the stairs Luhan lying in his bed sleeping safe and soundly. Not daring to wake the sleeping angel, Sehun simply covering the Chinese’s body with his own duvet tucking him in. As Luhan was tucked in, Sehun stood up and admired the sleeping guy. It was hard to believe that this guy was older than him and that he actually was sleeping in his bed at this moment, but the thoughts put aside, Sehun decided just to enjoy the view before heading to the bathroom to take a bath.

After a refreshing bath, Sehun wrote a small note for Luhan when he woke alone in the house before grabbing his phone, wallet and keys and walked towards Baekhyun’s house. He needed to talk to someone and Baekhyun being his best friend, he had no choice but to listen to his ramble about his rich kid problems. Reaching his best friend’s house, Sehun saw Baekhyun and a tall oddly familiar figure standing at the house gate, Baekhyun smiling and laughing before the tall male dragged Baekhyun into a bone crushing hug. Baekhyun seemed flustered at the sudden act and hit the other playfully on the arm. Sehun slowed his pace and stopped walking, learning against a nearby wall, trying to hear what the two was talking about and trying to figure out whom the hell the guy was. Sehun had rarely seen Baekhyun like that, all lightheaded and blushing and Sehun knew that this guy had some kind of effect on his best friend, because Baekhyun was usually very diva-ish and sassy. This was certainly not his self. Mental note to figure out what that is about.

Sehun kept completely quiet and made out some of the things they were talking about.

“Yah, stop it, you giant. We’re in public and what would think if they saw the two of us? They’d freak out and your family would defiantly send you to military camp if they found out, you know, about us,”

“Don’t think about them and their thoughts. I don’t care about that and you shouldn’t either,”

“I know I shouldn’t, but its hard okay? No one knows about us, Sehun knows nothing and it’s killing me that he doesn’t know. He’s my best friend and we should be able to tell each other everything,”

“Well, why don’t you just tell him? Sehun doesn’t seem like someone who’d judge you for you are; you guys have been friends since, like forever, so I don’t think a thing like that would make him think differently about you,”

“Maybe you’re right, but honestly, I don’t have to courage to do so. What would I do if he won’t be my friend just because I’m gay? I don’t know what I’d do without him..”

“Not trying to sound like a jealous boyfriend here, but honestly, if he can’t accept you for who you are, he isn’t worth the time, okay? You’re amazing and if he can’t see it, then he’s a lunatic. On the other side, I do recommend you telling him, it’s not fair to keep him away from the truth and you know it,”

Then it was silent for a bit.

“Seriously, I feel so lucky having you around. I love you, Yeollie”

Sehun saw the two kiss each other quickly and then the taller went away and Baekhyun closed the gate. Sehun watched the taller guy, who turned out to be Chanyeol, walk away. Sehun gazed into the ground, lost in his thoughts and slowly glided down the wall he was standing against moments before. Was Chanyeol and Baekhyun really together? Sehun did know that Baekhyun once had a crush on him, but from all he knew, that crush had long ago expired and that Baekhyun currently didn’t like anyone. And the gay thing was what made Sehun a little surprised. Surely Baekhyun would’ve known that Sehun really wasn’t against homosexuality when Baekhyun had confessed about his feelings towards Chanyeol years ago and Sehun didn’t say anything bad about it, but apparently he didn’t know and that was a problem. Thinking back on the incident with Luhan, Sehun was clear that homosexuality wasn’t something he was against, considering the things they did and he could relate to Baekhyun and what he was thinking. They were actually, for once, similar but one thing was different from the two; Baekhyun had a boyfriend who liked him back and Sehun had Luhan, but did not know if the feelings were mutual.

Sehun’s mind went wild, but he knew that he couldn’t just get a mental breakdown in the middle of the street. A few people had already walked looking weirdly at him or just walked a big bow around him as if he was dangerous. Getting up, he brushed the dirt of his jeans and went straight towards Baekhyun’s house gate and knocked lightly, knowingly Baekhyun would think he was weird for not just going straight in since Baekhyun’s house was almost like his second home.

Seconds later stood a tired Baekhyun in front of Sehun with a red runny nose, a puffy cheeks and blood strained eyes. Sehun gasped and Baekhyun kept silent, as he grabbed Sehun around the wrist and led him into the house. The family car was gone which indicated that Baekhyun was not home and the missing bike next to Baekhyun’s let Sehun know, that his big brother Baekbom was not home either.  The two went straight to Baekhyun’s room and it was messy as always. Before Sehun could ask what it all was about and why he had been crying, threw Baekhyun his arms helplessly around Sehun and sobbed into Sehun’s chest. Sehun was first completely and utterly shocked at the sudden touch, but not long after slipped Sehun’s his arms around his and let Baekhyun ease into his embrace. Sehun, who had saw and heard what Baekhyun and Chanyeol had been talking about earlier, decided to put his needs away and make sure that his best friend was okay. Baekhyun’s breath hitched as he realized that his best friend had let him hug him and actually touched him to make him feel better. Sehun fastened his arms around Baekhyun which made Baekhyun sob even more and the tears didn’t seem to stop anytime soon. Feeling safe in Sehun’s arms was a new feeling for Baekhyun and being the one to comfort his crying friends was very new to him.

After some time with no words spoken, Baekhyun cleared his throat. “Thank you,” said Baekhyun with a low voice. Sehun nodded and hummed. “You’re welcome, anything for you,”

Baekhyun slowly moved out of Sehun’s arms and dried off his tears with the fabric of his sweater. A smile appeared and suddenly chuckled Baekhyun. “Look at us, you have a severe case of morning hair and I’m a sobbing mess,” Sehun was clearly surprised at Baekhyun’s sudden change of mood but let it slide. Honestly, Baekhyun was right. Sehun did take a shower, but somehow in the rush he had forgotten to brush his hair. Sehun moved to the big mirror hanging near Baekhyun’s make-up desk and looked at his hair: It was pointing in every possible direction, messy and still a bit wet from his shower. He did look like an idiot, a big one and for once second he thought about what Luhan would’ve thought about his messy hair.

Sehun turned around to Baekhyun with a fake offended look. “Well, that’s very insulting, Mr. Byun! I believe I look dashing with this hair,” said Sehun in a mocking tone and made a hair flip, which made Baekhyun go from a sad case to a laughing maniac. Ignoring the wave of embarrassment from have done something so horrible and probably dealing with a small social suicide, Sehun just felt satisfied he finally made his friend smile again.

The ever smiling Baekhyun should never cry and even though Sehun would die to talk to Baekhyun about the things he talked with Chanyeol about and their relationship, he just enjoyed watching his best friend laugh his ass off, rolling around the floor. When Baekhyun finally had calmed down, the two played videogames for the rest of the day and even though Baekhyun teased him endlessly about his ‘oh so fabulous’- hair flip, Sehun didn’t really seem to mind. Baekhyun was smiling and that was what mattered in this situation.  


*Hides behind Hulk from flying bricks and angry people*


Before you all go all apeshit on me for not updating for almost 2 months, I wanna say I'm seriously sorry.. I've been through some very important tests, felt a bit down, felt stressed, had a lot on my mind and a lot to do. First of all I've gotten myself a job, which will take some of my time, I've had some important tests around and in school it'd felt a bit hard with a lot of homework and other stuff I'd rather not talk about. Let's just say that in school we've had two major fights in just a week.. ._.

Back on the bright side though! The tests are done, 2 weeks of project are coming up which in my school is basically rest time, since no one really do their best to make an awesome project and it doesn't count in our year grade and summer vacation is coming, so I'll be having more time on my hands to update and write ^.^

I hope this chapter will make up from the 2 months absence I had and I promise I'll make time to update way more often than every 2nd month! I count on an update every 2 week if I can make the time or every week I don't know.. But the chapters will be coming! >.<

As I've been away for some time I've only recently realized how many people have read my story.. Over 400 people! That's so awesome! So yeah.. *bows 90 degrees and smiles extremly happily* I'm very thankful and for those who'd stayed by with this story deserves a internet cookie or something, because, lawd, you guys have patience! :o And for those who'd only recently have discovered his story.. Be happy about that! You guys have then not experience some crazy long time for new chapters.. :b

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