That summer night

The mean and cold looking Sehun and his family goes on holiday on Jeju Island and one night he decides to go down to the beach. With his notebook and pen in his hand, he walks down the beach and finds a spot. As he sits down a boy with angelic face features and ligh brown hair gets the same idea.
What will happen if they meet and what consequences will accure when they become friends?
After the holiday, will they ever meet again?
(Btw, this story is on Asianfanfic aswell, but don't worry! It's still me who's writing the story I'm just posting it on two sites, so no copirights laws broken there ^^)



Luhan returned to Sehun with his phone and the two quickly ordered a pizza. Not long after the pizza arrived and the two sat down at the dinner table in the kitchen. The staff had left some time earlier so the two was now for real alone home. Sehun didn’t know what to do with himself but Luhan felt completely fine as he kept on giggling, unintentionally flirting and randomly touching him as if they had been friends forever. Well, if flirting and touching could be considered actions between friends.

The two had eaten the pizza and was now in the process of finding movies for the movie night. They were both in Sehun’s room and Sehun was making the bed ready while Luhan was searching through Sehun’s selection of movies.  The movie was quickly chosen, but all Sehun could do when Luhan showed him the movie was to raise both eyebrows. “Really? Do you reaaaally want to watch that chick flick?”

Luhan pouted. “It’s not a chick flick! It’s mean girls and it’s a classic movie for movie nights. And it’s you who have it in your movie selection, not me,” accused Luhan.

“Yeah, the movie selection which is filled by both me and Seyeo’s movies. All the chick flicks are her movies and the action ones are mine,” explained Sehun with a smirk playing on his lips.

Apparently not caring to answer to Sehun’s explanation, Luhan huffed offended and just went to the DVD player and put it on. Sehun chuckled at Luhan’s action but decided not to comment.   

After 3 movies the time was around 2 o’clock in the morning and Sehun felt dizzy and tired. Sehun knew that Luhan was finally calmed down after his sugar rush a few hours before and he seemed only half conscious. Along the movie had Luhan yawned and cuddled himself into Sehun’s shoulder and Sehun was more than thrilled by having Luhan this close. He was thanking god that Luhan was on his right side, not the left, considering his heart was pounding madly on the right side of his chest.

The movie credits were rolling down the screen and a calm song was blasting out of the speakers which had a soft feel to it. The room was partially dark, only lit up by the television screen. Luhan took a sip of his coke and suddenly turned his head looking suspicious at Sehun, all frowning and sighing. Sehun pursed his lips. “What’s wrong?” asked Sehun, not knowing what was going on. Luhan sat down the coke and threw one of the duvets on the bed before walking towards Sehun. Sehun gulped.

“I’ve just noticed that you’re all weird around me. Why is that?” said Luhan. Sehun looked speechlessly at Luhan. His angel like face was now frowning at him and it made him feel bad somehow.


“Is it because I’m being way too touchy with you? If yes, I’m sorry, I’m just very used to skinship and I did it all the time with my friends back home. If you want I can stop? ” said Luhan. Sehun felt a sting of jealousy when he heard, that he did it all the time back in China. Some guys have had the pleasure of hugging or doing skinship with his Luhan before him.

“Luhan, I-“ Sehun felt like the words was being held back in his throat, tipping on the edge of his tongue but they wouldn’t go further. They were kind of stuck.

All of sudden decided Luhan to laugh. Sehun hissed at him, but Luhan didn’t care. Sehun knew that Luhan was laughing at him and it made him feel uncomfortable in a way. Luhan suddenly learned closer to Sehun’s face, looking all dozed and giggly, and caressed his cheek.

“Aww, you’re so cute,” exclaimed Luhan and giggled. Sehun rolled his eyes but he couldn’t hide the fact that he was blushing. God, control yourself, Sehun, thought Sehun to himself.

Before Sehun could think anymore thoughts, grabbed Luhan the remote and turned off the television. “Come on, let’s sleep,” Sehun didn’t bother to answer but nodded instead. Sehun tucked himself to bed and exhaled deeply. He was now safe under his duvet.

“Where am I going to sleep?” asked Luhan tiredly. Sehun, without even thinking about it, raised the duvet and patted on a spot next to him. Luhan nodded at Sehun's gesture and immediately climbed onto Sehun's bed and tucked himself closely under the duvet, turning his head to the side which made him facing Sehun directly. Luhan looked away and Sehun noticed the red color of Luhan’s cheek. I guess he’s trying to hide it, thought Sehun and smirked.  A bit of a waste from Luhan's part because Sehun knew very well how the smaller blonde had reacted. Even though it was dark, the room only lit up from the streetlights, Sehun was still able to watch Luhan's burning cheeks.

"Don't be embarrassed, everyone have something they're scared of," said Sehun and slowly placed two fingers under his chin, slowly lifting it towards Sehun's head making the two facing each other. Luhan made big eyes, waking up from his doze, when he realized how close he actually was to Sehun. Sehun was well aware how nervous Luhan was, he was too, but was a bit better to hide it. Sehun's breath reached Luhan's milk pale neck and tickled his sensitive skin, making goose bumps locate themselves on Luhan's skin.

"Well it would be kind of okay if it wasn't for the fact that I'm waaay older than you and oh, I'm a guy, so being scared of the dark is not very manly" complained Luhan in a low voice which made a mess in Sehun's mind.

"Don't be like that. Everyone have weird phobias, even I have a weird phobia" admitted Sehun. The darkness was filling the room and made some kind comforting feeling.

Luhan moved slightly in the bed, without noticing he was going closer to Sehun, but oh boy Sehun noticed. "What's that then? You're scared of clowns or something? ”said Luhan and giggled.

Sehun kept silent.

"Wait, are you actually scared of clowns?" Sehun still said nothing and turned his head away from Luhan. Sehun couldn't believe what had happened. He had just shared his biggest fear to Luhan, a secret that not even Baekhyun knew. Luhan moved a bit in the bed which made the bed creak but he was looking away not wanting to face Luhan. That made Luhan frown, but Sehun didn't see it. Suddenly felt Sehun a hand on his cheek, directing him back to Luhan. Sehun sighed and pouted. He felt awkward and wanted to escape this thick tension.

"Don't be like that, even I have a weird phobia" mimicked Luhan and winked at Sehun playfully.

"Yah! Don't tease me, they're evil and they’re very sneaky. What better way to hide that fact they’re conceiving serial killers than a happy and kind looking clown? I’m not down with that at all, they’re sick and I hate them" mumbled Sehun and sulked still feeling weird. And did Luhan even know what kind of position they were in?

Luhan's face softened. "Sehun-ah, you've seen way to many horror movies. The clowns are not going to do anything to you" said Luhan and without even noticing placed a small kiss on Sehun's cheek as a form of comfort.

When Luhan seemed to suddenly notice what he had done he froze. "Did I just..?" asked Luhan very shocked and Sehun chuckled. Sehun's heart was beating like mad and the place where Luhan's lips had touched his was almost burning.

"Yes, you did" answered Sehun and bit lips from breaking in a huge smile.

"Oh my god, I'm sorry! I didn't know what I was doing and-" Luhan's mindlessly rambling got paused by a finger on his lips. Luhan simply blinked at Sehun in astonishment when he realized he was being paused.

"It's alright, don't bash yourself that much for doing mistakes, okay? Everyone makes them, it’s human," said Sehun. The word 'mistake' felt so wrong on his lips but he had to cover whatever feelings he has towards the older latter. Luhan might not even like him. “By the way, you’re tired as heck so you can’t really control your actions,” added Sehun quickly.

Luhan was clearly stunned by Sehun's statement and kept silent a bit. Luhan exhaled a bit shakily and moved his hand to caress the cheek that wasn’t on the pillow. “Alright, good night, Sehunnie,” said Luhan in a sleepy voice. Sehun was stunned by the whole thing but nodded. Luhan cuddled himself into Sehun and Sehun was sure that he saw a small smile on the sleepy Chinese’s lips. Luhan’s breath slowed down after a few minutes and Sehun was sure that he was now sleeping. Sehun sighed.

He glanced at the sleeping beauty lying right next to him. His skin was perfectly clear, pale as ice and his plumb lips looked so tempting. Then he got an idea. Luhan probably wouldn’t notice anything since he’s asleep, thought Sehun. It wouldn’t hurt. Sehun learned closer to the smaller’s lips and when he was only a few centimeters away from Luhan’s lips, he hesitated. He really wouldn’t wake up or something, thought Sehun again. No, that only happens in the dramas and stuff.

Sehun sighed defeated by his own thoughts and gathered up all his courage. Here we go, thought Sehun. Sehun moved even closer and pressed softly his lips upon Luhan’s own. Sehun heart fluttered, his mind went blank and through his veins was the adrenalin pumping fiercely. Sehun almost smiled in the kiss, but kept it down as it was only meant as a onetime experience. Luhan was probably in love with Seyeo, who wasn’t really, and yet here he was, a dongsaeng, stealing a kiss from a sleeping Luhan. Sehun let his lips pressed on Luhan’s a few moments before retrieving his lips.

Sehun lie back again on his back, looking straight into the ceiling and lost for words. That was so awesome, thought Sehun and exhaled. A smile crept up on his lips but he but his lips to keep the smile away. Sehun moved his fingers over his lips which only moments before was pressed again Luhan’s. They felt nice and warm and his heart was beating loudly in his chest like a drum.

Luhan moaned in his sleep and moved a little. “More,” mumbled Luhan in his sleep. Sehun made big eyes. Did he just say what Sehun thought he had said? “Mmm, one more,” mumbled Luhan again and moved closer to Sehun, placing his head on Sehun’s chest along with his free hand. Sehun rolled his eyes annoyed, as he knew he’d never fall asleep now. With a sleeping Luhan on his chest who he had just kissed and a beating heart that just wouldn’t calm, he knew he was doomed.

Tonight he had no chances whatsoever to fall asleep. 


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