That summer night

The mean and cold looking Sehun and his family goes on holiday on Jeju Island and one night he decides to go down to the beach. With his notebook and pen in his hand, he walks down the beach and finds a spot. As he sits down a boy with angelic face features and ligh brown hair gets the same idea.
What will happen if they meet and what consequences will accure when they become friends?
After the holiday, will they ever meet again?
(Btw, this story is on Asianfanfic aswell, but don't worry! It's still me who's writing the story I'm just posting it on two sites, so no copirights laws broken there ^^)


8. VII

Friday eventually came around and that meant weekend. Sehun waved goodbye at his friends before he stepped into the car, ready to go home. This week had been one of the most frustrated ones: Neither Luhan or Sehun had the courage to talk each other. It was like Luhan forgot Sehun a little and his affection had worn off as he got to spend more time with Seyeo and annoyed Sehun like mad. He really didn’t like to admit it but he kind of missed Luhan. Not long after Sehun had fled to his room after the chat with Xiumin, he heard Luhan’s laugh from below and he wished that he could be the one to make Luhan laugh.

Suddenly cleared Jongdae his throat to get Sehun’s attention and Sehun shook his head lightly as he came back to reality before looking into the mirror from upfront. “Master, we are here,” Sehun nodded and waited a before having the door opened by Jongdae. Sehun thanked quickly for the ride to Jongdae before went to his house and left Jongdae dumbfounded. Did Sehun just thank him?

Sehun made his way near the house and as he came closer to the door something felt weird. Why was he feeling weird? He frowned but pushed away the thought. He pressed down the door handle and slipped out of his shoes and jacket before he walked to the kitchen where he met Xiumin and Luhan having a conversation over the kitchen table. Sehun looked directly at Luhan who for some reason was wearing his shirt and sweatpants. A bubbly feeling found its way into Sehun’s stomach.

“Welcome home, Sehun,” smiled Xiumin at Sehun before eying the two. Sehun raised an eyebrow at Luhan’s attire and Luhan noticed. Xiumin was fast to read the situation and excused himself.

As Xiumin had left stepped Luhan closer to Sehun and fumbled nervously with his fingers. “I tried to cook you some ramen as an I’m sorry-gift,” Sehun raised an eyebrow and clenched a bit harder at the strap of his backpack. “But as you can see it didn’t go as well as I’d hoped, but luckily Minseok was here to help me clean up the mess and find me another set of clothes,” Luhan looked embarrassed in the ground and pointed at a pile of wet clothes on the kitchen desk. Sehun tried to catch Luhans eyes but it seemed like he was too embarrassed to even look him in the eye.

Sehun chuckled which surprised the blonde who quickly raised his head to catch a glance at Sehun’s rare smiling face. “Are you kidding me? You must be really bad at cooking to even fuck up instant ramen. My cousin who can make it perfectly, just like everyone else on this planet,” Sehun bit his lip hard to hold down the laughter.  Sehun was kind of grateful Luhan did go through all that just to make him ramen, but honestly what did Luhan expect him to react like? The older couldn’t even cook ramen! That’s bad, really bad.

“By the way, don’t you have any other clothes?” added Sehun and Luhan shook his head. “They’re in the laundry,”

“All of it?” Luhan nodded again and his cheeks reddened. “Yeah, this was my 12th time trying, so I didn’t have any more clothes left,” answered Luhan and looked into the ground. Sehun couldn’t do anything but laugh.

Luhan narrowed his eyes at Sehun and smacked Sehun on the arm. Sehun yelped and frowned. “Hey, what was that for!” Luhan ignored Sehun’s complain and pouted. “I made such an effort to make an I’m sorry-gift and you just laugh,”

Sehun’s face expression softened. “Hey, I’m sorry okay? I didn’t know you’d take it so,” Sehun looked through his mind to find a fitting word, “Harshly,” Luhan cocked his head on the side. “Please forgive me?”

Luhan crossed his arms on his chest. “And why would I, Xi Luhan, accept your apology? I could just deny it and make you suffer,”

Sehun snorted and sat down his back on the table next to him. It was getting heavy and he had the feeling that this wouldn’t be over so soon.  “Oh I’m sure you won’t do that,” Sehun smirked and took a deep breath.

Luhan seemed surprised at this cocky answer but Sehun knew Luhan liked this side of Sehun. “How can you be so sure, huh? You don’t know me that well and from all you know I could be a devil in disguise,”

Sehun bursted out laughing and placed his arms around his aching stomach.  “Yah!”  Luhan hissed and smacked him again on the arm. Sehun pouted, turning on his aegyo. Sehun knew that this was Luhan’s weakness and if this didn’t work nothing would.

“Aish, you’re too much,” Luhan puffed his cheeks and sighed before dragging Sehun into a hug. “You know I can’t be mad at you when you look like that,” He pointed at Sehuns face and sulked. “It’s not fair, you know? You just use your aegyo in the favor of evilness,” Before Sehun could answer, Luhan did something really unexpected. Luhan hugged him.

Sehun was startled at first as Luhan slipped his arms around his chest but after a little he slowly put his arms around the small blonde’s body. Luhan supported his forehead on Sehun’s chest and Sehun prayed to God that Luhan wouldn’t hear his fast heartbeat. That would cause awkwardness and he really didn’t need that right now. The fact that Luhan was hugging him, making skinship was enough to make Sehun feel misplaced and odd, but somehow very good too.

Luhan suddenly broke the hug way too early according Sehun and exhaled with a smile on his lips. Sehun felt a buzz he couldn’t explain in his body. It was like the blood in his veins was swapped out with a turned on electric cord or something. It felt weird, wild, but he liked.

Luhan sighed relieved and smiled cheekily. “I’ve wanted to do that all week,” muttered Luhan and bit his lip nervously. Sehun was almost speechless. He was so close to say ‘me too’, but he knew it’d just make it more awkward  so instead hummed Sehun and bit the inside of his cheeks.

Luhan suddenly gaped as he just remembered something and almost jumped. “Oh yeah, I totally forgot!” exclaimed Luhan and giggled. “Luckily I remembered that, if I had forgotten to tell you that you would end up really concerned and you might’ve called the police later on. Ah~ Good luck, huh? Hahah,” Luhan rambled on and beamed.

Sehun was on the other hand seriously lost and had no idea what the little Chinese was talking about. “Luhan,” called Sehun but Luhan didn’t hear it. He tried again but he still didn’t budge or notice his existence nor call for him.  

Sehun suddenly knew what was up. Sehun scowled at Luhan before shouting something he knew that Luhan would make him listen. “HYUNG!” Luhan stopped his rambling instantly and looked at Sehun with big eyes.

“What?” asked Luhan innocently and looked Sehun straight into his eyes. Sehun face palmed on the inside and sighed.

“You haven’t told me yet what the heck you almost forgot and you’ve been rambling about nonsense for minutes,” complained Sehun and shook his head. “Would you please just tell me what it is that you were supposed to tell me?”

Luhan looked innocently at Sehun, apparently not understanding anything. Sehun groaned. “Are you fucking kidding me? Do not tell me you just forgot it again,” Luhan kept staring into Sehun’s eyes making him look like a lost puppy.  Sehun sighed.

Suddenly chuckled Luhan and stuck his tongue out teasingly. Sehun froze. “What the hell?” muttered Sehun lowly.

Luhan grinned at him before he stepped a bit closer taking both of Sehun’s hands in his. “Sehun, I remember it now. Your parents and sister are out tonight, so we’re home alone if you don’t count Minseok and the maids,” Sehun’s heart began to pound wildly. Little blonde guy say what? A whole night with him? Sehun didn’t know if he was scared or flustered by the situation.

“Oh, just so you know, Minseok is Xiumin if you were wondering,” added Luhan smiling. “And I have decided we’re having a movie night tonight! So no homework, okay? Not tonight, it’s been way too long since we’ve hung out and I can’t take it anymore,” Sehun was speechless. He couldn’t take it anymore? What was up with that?

“Oh, and you have no choice but say yes because I’m your hyung and therefor I have the final say in this,” Luhan quickly exclaimed and smiled widely at him.

Sehun was honestly like a lost child at this moment. Luhan was holding his hands, both of them, and had just been told that they’re having a movie night tonight. Oh shit. What was wrong with him? It was just a movie night. It’s not like they’re going to snuggle, or kiss or whatever even though it sounded pretty good in his mind. But the touch of Luhan made his mind going insane. Luhan was holding his hands. It sounded too good to be real.

Sehun looked down on Luhan’s small lips. Oh how he wanted to press his lips on Lu-

Luhan waved in front of Sehun’s face trying to gain his attention. “Are you alright?” asked Luhan concerned and removed his left hand to Sehun’s forehead to check if he had a fever. Sehun nodded not saying anything.

Luhan squealed. “Yay! Then come with me we’re ordering pizza tonight,” Luhan intertwined their fingers as they were holding hands and Sehun’s heart was almost going overload. He felt his palm get sweaty but it seemed like Luhan neither cared nor even happened to notice.

Luhan dragged him down to the kitchen and handed him the pizza folder of all the pizzas he could choose from. “Choose one pizza, okay? I’ll be back I need to find my phone so we can make the call,” said Luhan and not long after disappeared Luhan out of the kitchen. Sehun sat down on one of the chairs at the dinner table and sighed relieved.

Finally, thought Sehun. The way his body was reacting to Luhan’s simple touches or not very subtle skinship was making him lose his mind. How the hell was up with all that skinship, holding hands and hugging. Sehun was certainly not used to it and with Baekhyun he didn’t feel like this: Heart being to pound like mad, speechlessness and a severely attack of nervousness.

How the fuck was he supposed to come out alive from a movie night with Luhan? 



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